Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Essay

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Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Abram Maslows Hierarachy of Needs is based on the principle that humans can’t move forward unless basic needs are met. This system is based on a pyramid, the lower levels of the pyramid before they can successfully be motivated to tackle the next levels. The lowest four levels represent deficiency needs, and the upper three levels represent growth needs.” (Martin & Joomis, 2007)

Level one which is the lowest is physiological needs; these are our basic needs that we need to survive such as food, sleep, housing and air. Once these physiological needs are met then the next level (two) is safety and security-we must feel like we are in a safe environment, as a result we are secure because we feel nothing will happen to use and cause stress, anxiety or even mental breakdowns. The next on the hierarchy of needs is (level three). This is where we seek out developing meaningful relationships with the opposite sex such as girlfriend/boyfriend-begin to date, have friendships with peers, teachers, and family. Once those three levels are met an individual can focus on the last level of needs which is self-actualization-feeling pride in accomplishing everything that you wanted, this accomplishment could include marriage, children.

All of Maslows hierarchy of needs are relatable to everyone for me personally I can’t function properly unless my basic needs are met. If I don’t have food in my system or get the proper rest then that upsets my whole day. It is then hard for me to function and concentrate and I just want to eat and then go to sleep. This also affects my other needs such as safety and security. In my line of work I’m a tow truck driver and lack of sleep and food can inhibit my ability to drive safely, it also inhibits my relationship with my fiancé and child because I find myself getting frustrated and upset about the least little things. I also feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished for the day and can’t feel successful at my job because I tend to make small mistakes this can be with paperwork, or stalling at a green light. I also tend to feel guilty in my relationship because I regret starting an argument over the small things, or things that weren’t important but seemed important when my basic needs weren’t being met.

In more depth about the level love and belonging is relevant in my life because I crave love and love to be surrounded by my fiancé and son. So many things can fit under this category. Using my son for example I sometimes think about what I want to teach him to help him grow up and succeed in life. So I have to stop and think what do I want him to learn from me so he feels loved by my fiancé and I plus other people in society, yet most of all have to understand that he needs to love himself first.

With my fiancé it’s a little different she doesn’t understand the love because she feels like I’m not meeting our basic needs. She doesn’t like where we are staying, it makes her feel unsafe and insecure so in turn she feels like I don’t have a sense of love and belonging.

The hierarchy of self-esteem applies to me because I like to feel a sense of pride. This starts as soon as I start my day. I wake up feeling refreshed and positive, and have it in my head that it’s going to be a good day, once my basic need is met such as eating. After that I like to feel my need for love and security by spending time with my fiancé before work. I make sure the house is secure and make sure that my vehicle (tow truck) is safe and secure before I get in and drive away. After work is over I feel a sense of pride that I accomplished everything I needed to do for the day.

Love and belonging and self-esteem also have a different significance in my life. Once I complete my education here at Everest University I feel that I will love myself more and in return this will boost my self-esteem because I will feel more accomplished in life. The hierarchy level of love and belonging is a level that can always change or show room for improvement. For example relationships can begin and end as people grow up or change. For example I was watching an episode of Intervention and this woman was in love with a guy who did drugs, as a result of him doing drugs she became addicted to drugs as well. While she sought an intervention her partner did not, therefore she chose to end things with him and ended up being with someone after she got off the drugs who never did drugs a day in their life.

Another example is dating when I was younger; I wasn’t into the girls who had a good head on their shoulder, and wanting things out of life. It didn’t matter what type of relationship I was in because I just wanted someone around me so I could feel loved. As I got older I realized that there are certain things that I should look for in a relationship such as personality, background and appearance.

The same changes can occur during self-worth and self-esteem, when I was younger I decided to drop out of school, because I kept failing classes. My self-esteem was wearing thin after I had to repeat the 9th grade twice and felt like I wouldn’t succeed the third time around. Depression kicked in and I felt like I simply wasn’t good enough so to boost my self-esteem rather give me a false sense of self-esteem I turned to drugs that did nothing for me but ruin relationships, my children, home and affect my relationship with family members.

Yet as I got older I realized that drugs were not the answer and decided to get sober, go back to school and get my G.E.D. after that I had a new sense of self-esteem and accomplishment. This is something that to date I’m continuing by going a step further to better myself and finish my education at Everest to obtain a better job. This would give me a great boost of self-esteem and pride because I know that I will be able to provide a better life for myself and family.

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