Maslow Theory and Herzberg Theory Essay

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Maslow Theory and Herzberg Theory

Difference people got difference need ,we have to know that the worker in which level in the hierarchy so that we can give what he want to motivate them . It is based on what the workers need. what he want ? we just give it as motivator Hierarchy factors need For maslow ,there have a hierarchy with 5 lvl . a people will satisfied the level one by one according this hierarchy. the people will satisfied with the lower level and jump to the higher level until they reach the self actualization which is also call as self fulfilment .

Simple and descriptive Maslow assume that all people’s satisfaction only in these 5 lvl . from the physiologic until self actualization. First , there have know about the workers need in which level ,then only there can motivate him by giving what he want and once the worker get the motivate at first time and it will automatically go to another level for example ,the freshmen who just graduate and work for a company.

First he will think ,will the condition and environment suitable for me ? he need a safety place. when the company give him a comfortable office to work. e will feel satisfied and his satisfaction jump to another lvl. Pay is a motivator Some time salary is a motivator for certain ppl. Maslow assume that pay is an motivator to the worker and it is an unsatisfied need . there assume , the worker may motivated by giving bonus or increase the salary. Any need can act as motivator as long as it is not satisfied or relatively less satisfied. It means by as long as the people satisfaction haven completely fulfil , it still can be use as a motivator to a people. Hertzberg Use of motivator

There is based on the Use of motivator that include achievement ,opportunity of growth and recognition . hertzberg dn have the hierarchy ,but it have two factors. that is motivator and hygiene factor. there will use the motivator to motivate the workers. For example ,the manage want to upgrade to become General manager. I am the boss, I know he want to become GM,so I give him a task and tell him if u finish this task I will upgrade u as GM. the manager very excited and complete this task very fast within one month. so I also upgrade the mange as GM. his achievement is the motivator to this manager.

Hygiene factors, motivator factors Whereas for the Hertzberg theory ,it doesn’t have any hierarchy . it have 2 factor which motivator n hygiene factor. More prescriptive Hertzberg is based on the research on human satisfaction there do not based on hierarchy lvl by lvl ,because there said difference ppl got difference satisfaction. so can not based on the hierarchy only.

Pay is not a motivator But Hertzberg disagree that,Sometime salary is not that important for certain ppl. hertzberg think not all the ppl also motivate by pay. or example,a manage who work in the company he doesn’t focus on the salary . he care about the achievement he did . he want to upgrade from manager to a GM even the salary is maintain unchanged. but he still satisfied ,because he need achievement . Hygiene factors do not act as motivator Hygiene factor do you all what is it ? Hygiene factor is an factor that if you have it , u din feel any satisfaction but u dn have this one u will feel dissatisfaction. so ,this factor cant act as a motivator because it dn give any satisfaction. for example,water. toilet.

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