Mary Shelley present Frankenstein Essay

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Mary Shelley present Frankenstein

‘Frankenstein’ was written in 1812 by a woman called Mary Shelley, at the age of 19, this shows that she is very intelligent because to write such a novel with so much understanding at a very young age shows that she was a dedicated female author who studied very hard. At first when I heard of the novel ‘Frankenstein’ I straight away thought without any doubt that it was a man who wrote this novel, because firstly it was a horror story so that instantly clicked in my mind to think that it was a man but I was very shocked to find out that the author of the novel was actually a women.

This seemed very unusual to me because firstly at that time female authors were less well thought of than male authors and also even if female writers wrote books you would expect them to be all flowery and cosy type but for a women to write a novel with such imagination, creativity and devilish thoughts seemed very unusual with the basic fact that she was a women. This again showed that she was very intelligent. She also didn’t put her name on the book for 13 years, this was because of the fact that mentioned earlier about female writers being less thought of than male writers.

I believe that she done this because during that time there might have been a lot of sexism and she believed that if she put her name on the book than a lot of people may not have bought it because she was a female and when she did put her name on the book I am sure that a lot of people were shocked to hear that it was written by a women. She probably played a vital part in raising the confidence of female writers and broke the deadlock for all female authors. The novel was about a young ambitious scientist who is keen to prove that he can create life.

The scientists name is Victor Frankenstein. He accomplished his mission but all his dreams about this being were crushed when he realised what a monster he had created. Frankenstein ran away from the monster and left it to a life of loneliness. The monster learned how to talk and read and soon tracked down Victor Frankenstein. After being treated badly by humans the monster had one thing on his mind which was revenge. The novel starts with a letter from Robert Walton an explorer, to his sister. He is preparing to go on his way to his desired destination the North Pole.

He is a very ambitious man and he wants to go on this expedition because no man has ever set foot there. Walton writes: “Never before imprinted by the foot of man” Walton also wants to be the man who discovers the route to the North Pole because at that time there was no route to this area of the world. This shows how desperate he was to go there and his ambitiousness. He trained his body for the expedition and Walton tells us: ‘I voluntarily endured cold, famine, thirst and of want of sleep’ This proves his determination and how serious he was about his venture.

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