Mary Kay Production Case Essay

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Question # 1

Mary Kay merchandises have been seen to sell in more than 35 markets spread outing across 5 continents. Mary Kay’s gross revenues force exceeds 2 million globally with possible markets such as the Indian and Asia- Pacific countries that represent extended growing chances. Mary Kay is focused on spread outing into the Indian Market. due to its big population and market size. With the big population of in-between category turning to a sum of 500 million persons will give Mary Kay the chance to construct their trade name and pull this demographic of consumers.

Amongst the population that is averaging at 26 old ages of age consists of a turning figure of adult females seen as extremely optimistic campaigners who have contributed to an addition in ingestion of cosmetics. Persons of India have become focused on the demand to be good groomed. fashionable and good looking. As a consequence of this cognition. senior direction of Mary Kay Inc. has seen great possible and will turn to the concern facet of constructing a trade name.

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constructing a gross revenues force and making a supply concatenation to make exposure and widen the trade name in the Indian Culture.

Repeat inquiry 1

1. Sketch the international concern facets of Mary Kay’s presence in India.

China histories for the largest gross revenues gross outside the United States. stand foring about 25 % of one-year Mary Kay Inc worldwide gross revenues. Part of the international success in China has been attributed to the company message of female authorization and muliebrity that resonates in China.

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a state where few chances are provided to get down your ain concern. Mary Kay planetary independent gross revenues exceed 2 million. Its presence in India is seen heavenly through the debut of its merchandises in a mass market. India is a turning category where the population is immature and optimistic. There is a turning figure of working adult females who have provided with the encouragement of gross revenues where the bulk of the middle-class adult females exist in. India is a possible growing market which is in the “growing stage” . India ingestion of cosmetics is really strong as adult females want the latest international cosmetics. The strong growing of imported cosmetics has made a major impact in the India market. The growing of international merchandises in the Indian market has attracted motivated clients. India perceives foreign trade name as a superior quality.

Indian market wants assortment and different types of merchandises. The entire size of the Indian retail beauty and cosmetics market is turning quickly. The growing rate of merchandises introduced in India reflects an increasing demand for beauty attention merchandises in India. Indian consumers look towards international merchandises as lifestyle sweetening merchandises. With the exposure to media. Indian consumers are traveling on to cosmetics merchandise. Around 65 % of the company independent gross revenues representatives reside outside United States. Mary Kay entry to the market will include current analysis of bing gross revenues force and consumer penchants. This will assist Mary Kay entry to India as the trade name place and merchandise mix will be used. Mary Kay will necessitate to hold good planning and keeping consistent following up with the market trends. to spread out in the Indian part.

Question 2.

How do providers of hair attention merchandises in India differentiate their merchandises? What is alone about Mary Kay’s pricing attack? Majority of the merchandises in India are differentiated through the specific ingredients put inside the shampoo. Merchandises with specific benefits such as Ayurvedic or medicative ingredients aromas are introduced. Shampoos including alligator pear and Shea oil to specifically appeal to adult females who use oil to nurture their hair. The shampoos are based on the consumer penchant and what sort of aroma they prefer. Mary Kay pricing attack is the mass-tige attack. This is a really alone manner of stating that their attack is downward trade name extension. This is positioned as a major strategic market with high growing potency centered in middle-income portion. It is chiefly focused on spread outing in the Indian part.

Question # 3

When analysing Mary Kay’s concern scheme. it is relevant to understand the construct of direct selling. Direct selling is considered a channel signifier of advertisement which enables concerns to pass on heterosexual to the client. This scheme eliminates the in-between adult male throughout the distribution channel. The direct selling messages are designed to stress focal point on the client. informations and answerability. Mary Kay concern theoretical account is built wholly around this scheme. “The company’s attack to direct selling employs the party program. whereby independent gross revenues representatives host parties in a customer’s place to show and sell merchandises. ” ( pg. 150 ) Looking into the Indian market. Mary Kay can anticipate possible into enlargement. Mary Kay has the ability to present their merchandises to a big population and market size. By pulling this population can increase employment in the state. Mary Kay has besides been really successful in China. which has a similar size in population and market size. If Mary Kay is able to retroflex the success in China there is immense potency for India based on the market size.

The advantages of direct selling of cosmetics when taking a merchandise offering construct is based on the control of monetary value. and the ability to convey your message. Mary Kay is able to show these constructs to possible campaigners by making a manner for employees to purchase into a manner of life. Part of the merchandise offering is to ab initio seek the merchandise so that employees look good and experience good when seeking to sell. Mary Kay motivates their employees to be their ain foreman. which exemplifies as an advantage since employees work harder when they take on the function of ownership.

Question: # 4:

Where do Mary Kay hair attention merchandises fit in an Ansoff Product Grid? Product life rhythm? What selling undertakings face Mary Kay? The Mary Kay hair merchandises fit into the variegation cell on the Ansoff Product Grid. They are using a merchandise variegation scheme that involves the add-on of new merchandises to their bing merchandise lines. The hair attention section is the 2nd largest in the branded beauty and personal attention market in India. Mary Kay does non hold any hair attention offering in this moneymaking section.

If the petitions for the debut of a hair attention line for adult females. is granted. it will let Mary Kay Inc. to increase gross revenues and catch a piece of the moneymaking hair attention section of the market. Mary Kay is in the introductory phase of the merchandise life rhythm. The determination to subscribe off on the merchandise line is still being debated. Discussions refering development cost. development of market consciousness and merchandise pricing are still taking topographic point. Mary Kay faces the following selling Tasks ; .

Development of publicity scheme to construct market consciousness Crafting an effectual preparation scheme that they will be used to educate and fit the adviser to efficaciously sell the new merchandise line Developing an effectual competitory scheme that will let them to vie efficaciously with other more mature merchandises in the section Decide on packaging for the new merchandise line

Determine merchandise pricing
Determine merchandise development cost

5. What is the market potency for Mary Kay India hair attention merchandise line? Use a diagram. The Indian market is extremely competitory with about 50 companies viing in footings of trade name beauty and personal attention. The hair attention market in India consists with a broad scope of merchandises. such as. packaged colorants. conditioners. shampoos. and salon hair attention. Market tendencies and consumer behaviours in the Indian market is non sophisticated. Consumers behave harmonizing to the category they belong to. As illustration. low income consumers who are populating in rural and semi-urban countries utilizing hair oils. herb teas. and traditional merchandises.

Middle-class consumers used to populate in urban countries are be givening to utilize branded shampoo and conditioners. Mary Kay India launched about 90 merchandises in the Indian market and wants to set up the hair attention line merchandise. Market Trends ; the hair attention market in India is quickly turning because of: The frequence of utilizing branded shampoos and conditioners quickly rise particularly in urban countries. The tendencies among rural and semi-urban consumers are toward utilizing branded hair attention merchandises. Ad. publicities. and lower monetary value are classs changed the tendencies among consumers towards utilizing branded hair attention.

Marketing Mix 4P’S Analysis ;

The hair attention merchandises are packaged and sold in sachets and bottles. ranged from little size to big size. The monetary value scope for sachets ( 6 to 8 millilitres ) is between 6 to 8 rupees. and bottles ( 200 to 400 millilitres ) the monetary value ranged from 27 to 369 rupees. The hair attention merchandises will be available in most retail merchants markets with adequate stock to avoid any deficits. Mary Kay direction sing the issue of constructing a trade name name by to a great extent promoted its merchandise in India involved media advertisement. presenting Mary Kay civilization. preparation plans for its independent sale force. and launch run with Miss India.

6. Should Mary Kay present a hair attention line in India – why or why non? Mary Kay should present a new hairline in India as India is a high turning economic system with high demand for cosmetics merchandises. The Asiatic market is the major chance for Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay chief aim is to non merely to make a market. selling skin attention and cosmetics ; it’s all about enriching adult females lives by assisting adult female reach their possible. happening their interior beauty and detect how genuinely great there are. Based on Ansoff Product Grid. the merchandise introduced is in a new merchandise in a new market. Mary Kay will present Diversification to aim its communicating channel to present a newer merchandise. India is turning economic system that is looking

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