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Marxist Theory on Crime and Punishment

Categories: Crime And Punishment

Marxist Theory and Crime and Punishment Throughout human history many thinkers have actually increased with what they believed to be the best type of federal government for society as a whole. Karl Marx might be the most influential theorist in Russian history. According to The Free Dictionary, Marxism is the idea that “class battle plays a main function in understanding society’s apparently unavoidable development from bourgeois oppression under industrialism to a socialist and ultimately egalitarian society”. With this theory, Marx had a terrific effect on Russian literature ; specifically, Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Criminal activity and Penalty.

According the Marxist theory, one would translate Criminal offense and Punishment as a best example to the increase of communism. This novel embodies the Marxist theory because it is a proclamation of a proletariat, being that Raskolnikov runs out location in society, having a hard time from an immobilizing poverty and has a yearning for defending the typical good among a society of unfair individuals.

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According to the Marxist theory, deviance is an understandable response to poverty. Throughout the novel, there are many instances where Raskolnikov, along with other characters in the novel, suffer from poverty and in return take drastic measures. For instance, Sonya Marmeladov, a good­willed, religious beauty, turned to prostitution in order to help her family stay afloat. Even laying down, “thirty rubles on the table”, could stop the children from crying from starvation, and keep a roof over their heads a little longer (1.2.20). Furthermore, poverty becomes a part of Raskolnikov

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