Marx Essay Topics

The stories of Bartleby and the metamorphosis symbolism

The idea of human self-alienation has played a crucial role in modern thought from German classical Idealism to Marxism and Existentialism (Seigneuret 19). Kafka’s the Metamorphosis is a striking example. Gregor Samsa’s transformation into vermin presents self-alienation in a literal way, not merely a customary metaphor become fictional fact. The travelling salesman wakes up one… View Article

Ideas of Marx

Karl Marx diagnosed the problems of industrialized societies correctly, namely exploitation of workers, but his solutions were incorrect. In Communist Manifesto, co-written with Frederick Engels, Mark breaks industrialized society into two classes: bourgeoisie (the ruling class) and proletariat (workers oppressed by bourgeoisie). Marx’s assessment of proletariats can say much to the countless office workers typing… View Article

A Comparative Analysis on the Socio-Cultural Theories of Marx

Over the years, the names Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Friedrich Nietzsche have been very dominant in the field of sociology, psychology, economics, and politics. In discussing the concepts of communism and materialism, the theories of Karl Marx cannot be disregarded. For Marx, the major influential factor in human history is economics (Cline… View Article