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Marvin: What Other Factors Team Should Consider

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What other factors should Marvin and his team consider? Marvin’s association has a decent accomplishment record in the offering procedure. Through the new RFP focused bidding Marvin’s company was very effective in winning the contracts. Marvin is required to reveal sensitive data to the client if he wants to bag the agreement and if Marvin company discloses the asked data, there is a decent possibility that he can pack a ten-year or possibly longer contract.

The essential worry to be thought about as per the improvement truth of any association is to see whether this errand is gainful.

It should be considered that whether as time goes on, this endeavor will realize them some incredible experience and furthermore advantage.

Terms and Conditions: They should have inspirations driving premium examination of terms and conditions comparably as they are shown to peculiar condition of risk.

Future Opportunity: would the affiliation advantage from this open portal either to the degree growing new wellness, duty in another industry, or stirring up another customer relationship?

According to Kerzner, the factors include both subjective and objective considerations such as scope, competition to win the bid, terms and conditions and profitability, capabilities, payment, cost tenability, and historical analysis respectively (Kerzner, 2017).

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Should they bid on the job? It was clear that the company’s revenue came from winning contracts. Marvin’s association with the client has a decent opportunity to offer the ten-year contract. I would say to bid the firm as it has extensive features that would benefit the company and lead to success.

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Even the history of the organization tells us that the process of bidding tradition helps them in development and winning ratio has been very good. With the risks of disclosing the cost estimation compared to not bidding, the revealed cost estimates will be helpful for the competitors that are bidding contracts for short term or low scale clients but if this company bids and get the contract, the company will switch the gears and move to the next level having less or no impact of disclosing the sensitive information. Gaining this bid will help in getting few more long term and large scale customers.


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