Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Two of his accomplishments were the Montgomery Bus Boycott which ended racial segregation starting with Rosa Parks being arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus which was illegal due to racial segregation laws.

Qualities that made him a great leader was that he had the ability to shape a vision that was compelling enough to make others believe in it and participate in it. He had a strong system of values and morals. He was also courageous, decisive, bold, and strong.

The path that led him to being a great leader started when he became a pastor. Afterward he became a civil rights activist, a humanitarian, and was involved in the African-american civil rights movement.

Qualities of Martin Luther King Jr that I would want to emulate would be having the courage to stand up for what I believe even if it meant being hated by many people. Ultimately he was courageous enough to die for what he believed and I would hope to want to do the same if I truly believed in something that much. A world leader that I think was bad for their followers is Fidel Castro.

Qualities that made him a bad leader was that he was power hungry and did whatever he wanted to retain that power even if included suppressing his own people through violence.

He exerted power over others by using brutal punishment if people did not obey his every command. He used coercion in order to rule. He also used his position as president to withhold resources from his people.

His leadership skills that contributed to bad results were using brute force and severe punishment to gain control over his people. He would use firing squads to prove his severity when punishing those who stood up to him.

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