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Marry has graduated from high school and is pursuing a bachelor

Marry has graduated from high school and is pursuing a bachelor degree in science. She is from an average living family where her dad and mum both have successful careers and are full-time employed. Marry seems very anxious and unease. She has seemed career counselling because of the interview she wants to apply for in a company for a position in the laboratory. She describes how afraid she is to be interviewed and feels awaked when meeting new people. She really wants to make a good notion so she is successful to obtain her dream job.

Not only marry wants the job so badly but she also wants her parents to be proud of her because they have high expectations for her. She has been nerves because of the interview reply she received that she successfully obtained her positions for the job. Marry felt afraid and didn’t want to get that change to lose that position by doing any mistakes.

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(REBT) is an appropriate procedure to use on marry because she is aware of her nervous feelings and inherent irrational beliefs about the interview employing the method of (REBT), It is simple to imagine the steps to assist marry overcome her anxiety.

A) To identify the actuation event

This is to assist marry’s abstract and the mount that caused her anxiety

B) To identify the irrational beliefs and must

Often in a way of requirements, feelings negative, frustration, marry feels that she has to get that job or she won’t get accepted in other job interviews and do her best in everything, she will be upset if she doesn’t get the job

C) identifying consequence

Indicating Marry of being unhealthy and getting negative emotions such as anxiety and embarrassment, self-destructive behaviours (dodging the interview)

D (disputing)

Through asking their opinions that are logic and beneficial and self-destructive.

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Assist marry to view that she can have interviews with other companies and wouldn’t feel entirely awful that she didn’t get her position. She will then feel happy with herself of how far she has come and accomplished.

E) Identify new rational beliefs founded on non-requirements, realistic appraisal and increased frustration to patience, she would like to get this position, there will be other job interviews to receive a position like this one if she doesn’t get the position.

F) Endorse a new effect

Assisting Marry to feel new emotions and thoughts about the interview, for instance, worried for the interview rather than being in fear, and irritated, displeased if she doesn’t do well rather thinking devastating long periods of being angry.

As a counsellor that has worked with Marry employed the step by step procedure and offered strategies to practice to receive a new thinking process. Considering (REBT), pursues a multimodal, practical method, the counsellor would teach marry to feel eased in ways like taking big breaths in and out, meditation, applying this before and during and after interview marry can also practice rational emotive imagination to help picture herself to overcome anxiety during the interview. Lastly, a very beneficial way to do is role-play the interview and use bibliotherapy to learn a lot more about the interview and it will assist marry to be entirely ready for the real interview. (REBT), a method can be successful to use and help students to overcome interview anxiety and fears they experience. It also helps their irrational beliefs about themselves, they dread and feel the anxiety in life. Individuals have the strength to eliminate or reduce it.

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