Married Lifestyle vs. Single Lifestyle Essay

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Married Lifestyle vs. Single Lifestyle

There are advantages and disadvantages to being married or single. Some married couples share every aspect of their lives including, work, children and marital related issues while some may opt to have a joint bank account . While this may help each spouse financially, one person always has to consent with the other before making any serious purchases. However, single people don’t need anyone’s consent nor do they have to share. Children are another thing married couples and single people have to consider.

Having children can be a great thing, especially with someone there to help share the responsibility of raising those children. Whereas, single people may ultimately struggle with things such as, child care, the cost of raising a child on their own, and being the responsible party. Goals are also a big factor, because some married couples have a hard time agreeing on or reaching common goals. A single person is only responsible for their own goals and how they choose to reach them. Over time, the passion may seem to cool in married couples. The couple may not be as sexually active as they once were due to the routine each lives. They may be busy with work or kids, or unfortunately, simply desensitized to one another. Some married couples work on keeping their sex life interesting.

On the other hand, it isn’t hard for a single person to keep things interesting and new in the bedroom, because they may have as many sexual partners as they please, and this may seem fun. But sometimes, for them the work is finding the right sexual partner. In a marriage, not only could you have sex when you want, but you can enjoy intimacy as well. According to [Eve Prajonyud, Single Versus Married Life-Pros and Cons] “The cons of both lifestyles differ from person to person. If you are involved in a bad marriage than single life will seem like a dream come true. Likewise, if you are unable to find someone to spend your time with, then you will likely feel lonely and frightened no matter how successful your life is.

The key to weighing the differences is actually in enjoying the lifestyle you have while you have it.” (Eve Prajonyud) People living single lifestyles have freedom to do what they want . For instance, if they were offered a well-paying job a thousand miles away from where they lived, they could simply take the job and move without anyone else to consider. Married couples don’t have that same option. The goals of married couples and single people may be different. For example, a married couple may be saving up money toward the goal of purchasing a bigger house in the future, for a growing family. They may be working toward a better lifestyle than they started with as a newlywed couple. They might attain a degree together or maybe just save up for a couples vacation .

Single people may choose to focus completely on their career, instead of a family. Their main goal may be reaching top status in their profession before focusing on a family. Their goal may also be to attain a degree, or saving money to travel or buy a house. There may be a difference in the career choices of married and single people. For instance, married couples may have to work around each other’s schedule and still have time to spend with one another. Single people don’t have to worry about that if that happen to have a job or career that is very time consuming. Both lifestyles can be challenging in many different ways. Whether it’s children, sharing, or setting individual or marital goals.

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