Marriage Essay Topics

Betrayed by My Best Friend

Betrayed by my best friend, the more I thought about the title the more I decided that it was time to write about the betrayal that cost me so very dearly. She entered my life in August of 1978 with her three children, she rented the apartment on the other side of the old farm… View Article

Case Study: Clams about Gay Marriage

This case study focuses on the gay marriages in different states. In Massachusetts the State Supreme court had a ruling that the state constitution did not agree with same-sex marriages. The only way they could grant licenses was if the legislative acted to give same-sex marriages. After this ruling in Massachusetts; in San Francisco, California… View Article

Death by Scrabble by Charlie Fish

In the short story Death By Scrabble, Charlie Fish tells a story of a bitter man who is contemplating killing his wife as they engage in a game of Scrabble. Throughout the game, the man notices that the words played on the board manifest into action. After he figures out the words played are coming… View Article

Orthodox Jewish Wedding

Marriage is normally a ceremony done in churches, in government premises, or in modern ones like beaches and gardens. It is usually done as a sign of love between two people. Marriage used to be a very sacred ceremony as two people say their vows to each other. Different cultures do this in different manners…. View Article

Genogram: Family and Paper Social Work

1. I grew up with a strong and helpful family that was always there for me. I did get into a lot of fights with my siblings, but now that I am an adult and living my own life, I realize how much I really care and love them. Thinking back on my childhood, I… View Article

Soto Like Mexicans

My grandmother gave me bad advice and good advice when I was in my early teens. For the bad advice, she said that I should become a barber because they made good money and listened to the radio all day. “Honey, they don’t work como burros,” she would say every time I visited her. She… View Article

“Hobson’s choice” by Harold Brighouse

The play, “Hobson’s choice,” written by Harold Brighouse, was set during the time period when women’s rights were forbidden – not being allowed to vote for example. In doing so, Harold Brighouse combines both comedy and confliction, between all of the characters. When the curtain comes up, you see Hobson’s daughters on the stage in… View Article

Marriage in Other Countries

This paper will be about a traditional dress from my native land and other countries. The traditional dress I will be writing about is called a wedding dress. A wedding dress is used throughout the world in various countries including China, Japan, India, and Vietnam. This paper will also detail different cultures, religions, types and… View Article

Eharmony Case Study

In the new world of making a name for yourself, one of the most important characteristics of human culture has begun to be lost. Love, relationships, marriage, etc. have all begun to be swallowed by the notion that in order to be successful in this world, your full attention, time, and money must be put… View Article

Myrtle Wilson Themes of Class and Wealth

We get the feeling that Myrtle Wilson is not an especially smart woman. Strung along by Tom, Myrtle is convinced that he loves her and would leave his wife for her if he could. The whole bit about Daisy being a Catholic and not believing in divorce is, as Nick points out, not remotely true…. View Article

Namesake: Different Cultures

The movie The Namesake explored many issues with regards to culture and the relationships in which we create within different cultures. Throughout the movie issues with parents, partners, different cultures and death all play a key role in purveying the messages the director wanted to get across. When the Ganguli family has to move from… View Article

Our Family Wedding

“Our Family Wedding” tells the story of two families from different races in order to prepare the wedding for their daughter and son that makes them come together in this planning process. There were series of friction and collision plots between those two families. The main reason is because the cultural difference between two sides… View Article

Perfect Wife

A popular saying goes, “Marriage involves three rings: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.” If it is commonly felt that marriage is so difficult, why do most people wish to get married? Probably, the instinct to find a mate is inherent in human beings; and I am no exception. Somehow, I believe… View Article

Raise the Red Lantern by Zhang Yimou

Raise the Red Lantern (1991) directed by Zhang Yimou was based on a novel called Wives and Concubines by Su Tong. This film takes place in the early 1900s which tells the story of a woman named Songlian (played by Gong Li) who was struck by the harshness of reality. Her father died during the… View Article

Same Sex Marriage Disagreement

The definition of marriage is the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (Merriam-Webster). This dignified act is under constant threat by lesbian and gay couples protesting for equal rights in marriage. Same sex marriage should be prohibited… View Article

“Saving Sourdi” by May-Lee Chai

In the story “Saving Sourdi” May-Lee Chai expresses the theme coming of age through the eyes of a young girl Nea who desperately tries to save her older sister as she becomes more mature and grown up. Nea is faced to deal with situations where she feels a need to save her older sister Sourdi… View Article

Shallow Hal

Imagine you are participating in a speed-dating program. During your remaining ten minutes of the event, you meet two last suitors. The first suitor is short, overweight, hairy except on his head, slight acne marks, crooked teeth, dresses up as Austin Powers, etc. However, the first suitor is remarkably sweet. Within the five-minute frame you… View Article

Tangled Web

I am Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison. To begin with, Ashley Madison is the online personals and dating destination for casual encounters married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs. Our motto is “Life is short, have an affair.” (Tangled web, 264) For some people who think my business is a problem, and I… View Article

Teens Marriage

People under the age of eighteen should not be allowed to get marry, because at the end of the day they’re still teenagers. Even though they are young adults, they still don’t get the meaning of being married and I don’t think they would be mature enough to take that responsibility, their mentality is not… View Article

The Archetypical Roles of Marriage

Today’s society is very different compared to societies of the past. Women throughout did not have many rights until recently. The challenging roles of marriage were strongly placed on women and they were expected to fit into these roles by both cultures of Greece and Norway. Together, Medea by Euripides and A Doll’s House by… View Article

Australian Aborigines – Short Essay

The Australia Aborigine’s culture has always had my attention. From the places they lived to they way they where treated always amazed me. After reading about their rituals, social organization and settlement patterns for the textbook, they are a society of people who are all one. The type of kinship they practice is all is… View Article

The Wife of Bath’s Faithfulness

In The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer reveals the characteristics of the Wife of Bath through her tale and background. Chaucer portrays the Wife of Bath as a woman of faith through her religious actions and beliefs despite her human faults. Chaucer states in the General Prologue that “not a dame dared stir/ [t]owards the altar… View Article

Thy Womb Reaction Paper

Thy Womb is a film that is worth watching for. This film indeed tells the reality of living. The reality in which people do have different cultures as well as their way of living that was affected by the things or events in their surroundings. This reality is also experienced by us in our lives… View Article

Women’s Role and Status of China and Americas

Throughout most of documented history women of all culture and civilizations have lived under patriarchal circumstances. In almost every civilization women’s status was not equal to that of men’s. During the Post-Classical Period, Chinese women had several changes in society and politics while women in the Americas continued to use their technology in stone boards…. View Article

Response to a Personal Narrative on Arranged Marriage

Should your family and cultural background determine who you love? How about who you marry? Sarita James is a South Indian young woman who wrote a personal narrative titled “ let me find my own husband’’. In this story she recounts the pressures placed on her by her family to find a “suitable boy” for… View Article

What features make The Awakening a “local color” story?

The Awakening is made a local color story by the detailed descriptions in the dialogue and the depiction of the town with the imagery that is used. Also, in that time period, women did not have a very large role in society so speaking up did not have a large impact. 2. What customs and… View Article

Why Do Marriages Fail

In the world today, there are a lot of people wanting to marry the first person they fall in love with. However, many married couples realized that this kind of marriage is not what they want, so they turn to divorce as an answer. Even though there are many ways to fix the problems that… View Article

Australian Aborigines

Anthropology is the study of humanity. In Chapters 3 and 4 of the text we are learning about kinship system. In these selections I will focus on the Australian Aborigines culture. I will also concentrate on the Australian Aborigines and the three specific examples of how the kinship system of the chosen culture impacts the… View Article

Traditional Marriage in Nigeria

Tying the popular and indispensable gele or headdress can be very tricky or at most quite frustrating. A not so good headdress could make the day’s event a miserable one, as you are constantly seen excusing yourself to the ladies room to fix it. As part of your traditional wedding regalia, you cannot afford to… View Article