Marriage vs. Single Life Essay

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Marriage vs. Single Life

Living a single life can be significantly different from being married. A marriage traditionally marks the beginning of a family; on the other hand, usually being single means that having a different solo life. A single person would have more independence than a married person. The differences between single and married life range from very small to very large, but there are few core contrasts that show the main differences between the two lifestyles. One of the significant differences between married and single life is freedom. People who are married, their life would be much busier than people’s who are single. Married people have to take care of their children and their partners, while single people do not have family. For instance, if married people want to go out with their friend, they must get permission from their partners, before they go with their friend, whereas single people can spend their time with their friends anywhere and anytime they want.

Married people might keep their job and their relationship might be outstanding, but from their wedding onward they must always think as a husband and wife. The decisions they make affect their future together. The things they buy have an impact on both of their finances. Everything they do must be considered from their husband’s or wife’s point of view. When people are single, they only have to consider their own interests when making decisions, but they are also short the emotional support that makes hard decisions easier to accept. The second difference between married and single people is free time. Being married is a lot like a second job. They have to work at it for it to be successful. Married couples need dedicated time to communicate with one another and help each other with their emotional and physical stress.

They tend to hang out with their spouses more than they hang out with groups of friends. This is not to mean that they lose their friends, but they do tend to spend more time at home with one another than they do out and about. Single people have time for themselves; therefore, they can choose to spend it with their friends, and they can go on weekend outings or just stay home to playing video game. Married couples may choose to do some things either together or separately, but usually with each other’s approval, while single people may choose to do some things by themselves. The third difference between single and married people life is the financial responsibility.

Married people have more dependent on and responsibilities for their partner, while single people tend to be more independent, and they have much less responsibility. For example, I am single; I am responsible for one person; myself. If I lose my job, I am the only person who is going to suffer. However, married people have family, so they need to think about and see with their family, before they make any major decisions. Because married people have their spouse and children to care for, this requires a serious promise.

This means that day to day decision making is slightly harder for married people than it is for single people. Also, people who are married split their income of each other, so they can solve their financial problems easily than single person. To conclude, the married life and the single life are totally different in three aspects: the way of us freedom, free time, and financial responsibility. In my view, married life is better than single life because married people distribute their problems, and they can solve their problems with the different opinions of one another.

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