Marriage and Same-Sex Marriage in the World of Science and Religion

Marriage is the procedure by which two individuals make their relationship open, authority, and perpetual. It is the joining of two people or in a bond that putatively lasts until death. Moreover, from the beginning of creating humans by god, based on Abrahamic religious stories, it is said that Adam who was the first male gender created by God almighty, felt loneliness and needed a partner to live with, and God created Eve from the opposite sex which was the female gender.

After that, when God told them not eat from the apple tree from the tree that Gold told them too, they started to disobey God and eat from the apple tree. Next, God punished them by forbidding them from heaven and sent them to earth to create their own family and have children on earth. From here, it is revealed that families can be created between two opposite sexes not the same sexes because families mean children and without the sex process between two opposite sexes you can never have children.

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Moreover, nowadays, we are able to realize that many people fall in love with their own gender such as man to man and woman to another woman which this process is called homosexuality. In the context of Cambridge dictionary, a homosexual person is an individual who is explicitly pulled in to individuals of similar sex and not to individuals of the contrary sex. So, on the topic of the same-sex marriage (homosexuality), people currently have the idea of supporting, legalizing the process in the government, and making it common in the society.

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But if we look to the scientific and religious evidences and views, we will see that the idea of preventing such a process like this seems to be more plausible than supporting it. For future discussions, if the process of same-sex marriage was considered as serious problem, my idea of standing against it would be more beneficial because of the disadvantages of that process.

First, gay couples or lesbian couples cannot produce children. For example, when two different individuals by gender get married, one of their main reason is to have a happy life and produce children. Moreover, when one of the parents hear that they are going to have a kid, they start to express their happiness and sometimes start to cry because of that news. But in Same-Sex marriage it is impossible to produce a kid of their own because of producing a kid need different chromosomes and genes from both parents. For example, sometimes what kinds of chromosomes are needed when two heterosexual couples get married, so that they can produce children but the homosexuals cannot because of the crisis of the chromosomes? First, if we look to the heterosexual marriages, we will notice that the male gender has the chromosomes of (X and Y), and the female owns the chromosomes of (XX). When the two opposite genders have sex, the chromosomes from the father and also the mother start to connect with each other after a while to form an egg which is also called a (Zygote). Furthermore, after a while, the Zygote becomes a human embryo after approximately 22 days (DR. Moore) and starts to become a complete baby. On the other hand, because lacking one of the chromosome types from one of the parents during the homosexual individuals’ marriage, it is impossible to have a baby in the future. Because during the sex of the same genders, the same shape of the chromosomes such as (XX) from the lesbians or (XY) form the gay people cannot form Zygote and become a baby in the future. Because of these evidences and experiences, they either have to adopt a kid which this increases the demand of adoption and costs more money, or they must live without a kid for the rest of their lives which this situation also puts you in the burden of not being a mother or a father, and also. Briefly, the process of Same-Sex marriage prevents you from enjoying being called dad or mom.

Second, same-sex marriage affects child development. Regardless of whether gay guardians are permitted to receive or have youngsters, having two guardians of a similar sex probably won’t be solid or what’s best for the kids included. These children need both a dad and a mother picture to have a parity and typical youth. Sexual orientation jobs can be difficult to play particularly if natural and physical viewpoints are the issue. On the off chance that a kid grows up with two ladies, with the other one assuming the job of the dad or both assumes the job of moms, father picture will need and the couple can’t respond to questions regularly asked by young men to fathers, say, the physical changes in the body. Same runs for young ladies living with two-male guardians. Moreover, when a kid gets similar parents I mean from the same gender while they adopt a child, it may not fit the family economy very well. For example, when two ladies adopt a kid, they may not get enough money for the family because the majority of workers are men nowadays (World Bank Data Team), and mostly they sustain more in working and get the majority of the family wealth.

Furthermore, lacking a father in family seems to be the gap of protection from other people. For example, when the kid or the ladies are attacked by someone let’s say a thieve, they may start protecting themselves but not as much as needed, and nowadays science has proven that men’s body is more stronger than women on the physically side naturally and can protect themselves better against any dangerous circumstances than women in the term of having great muscle (Burton M.D). The more prominent bulk of men is the aftereffect of testosterone-actuated strong hypertrophy. Men likewise have denser, more grounded bones, ligaments, and tendons (Burton M.D). From here we have known that the lack of father mean the lack of a kind of protection for the family. To illustrate, the lack of mom is also a gap for children development when they are adopted by gay parents why? Because Youngsters without a mother are denied of the passionate security and extraordinary emotional guidance that moms give. Mom can also teach boys and girls good morality and answer them more kindly and understand their emotions and feelings because of the reason that moms stay longer with their kids at home and can negotiate with them about their daily problems and concerns concerns.

Moreover, it is also the mother who does not sleep day and night to provide you an appropriate circumstance for sleeping, feeding, and relaxing while you are still a little baby. Based on life experiences and reliable evidences, lacking of one of the parents is much more harmful than we can imagine. As an example that was based on true experience, a recent report by Mark Regnerus, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, found that youngsters raised by guardians who had same-sex connections endured more challenges throughout everyday life (counting sexual maltreatment and joblessness in later life) than kids raised by ‘unblemished natural families.’ Another example for the dangerousness of lacking a mom or a dad for the kids who have a lesbian mom or gay dad, Doug Mainwaring, the transparently gay fellow benefactor of National Capital Tea Party Patriots, expressed that ‘it turned out to be progressively evident to me, regardless of whether I discovered another person precisely like me, who adored my children as much as I do, there would at present be a vast gap in their lives since they need a mother… I would prefer not to see kids being built for same-sex couples where there is either a mother missing or a father missing.

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