Marriage and Obedient Christian Head Essay

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Marriage and Obedient Christian Head

For almost 4 years I was married to a beautiful and adulterous woman. In terms of our friends and acquaintances and the public, we were a perfect couple. We held hands when at comedy shows and in malls. We kissed anywhere and everywhere, no matter who was watching or whose paths we crossed. But when night fell on any given evening, my beautiful wife would leave only to return in the wee hours of the morning, just before daylight. What a lovely person she was when we on the town together.

I admit that I hung in there for almost two years and was the “good” husband and obedient Christian “head”. I ran my companies from home and rarely met clients in person, opting to use Skype for my meetings. When I approached my wife about going to church and seeing a marriage counselor, she balked and I felt abandoned. Too much of that began to make me feel worthless, helpless, and heartbroken.

And then came the need to find attention and a woman who would show me appreciation and value; things my wife did not or could not. I began to meet clients out in lounges and at happy hours. Or travel everywhere out of state, or the country to find “other” women who would welcome this gentleman. I stayed out until daylight many nights. Bedded many women. Travelled on many excursions with strange women.

In final, after a sadistically short marriage and nasty divorce, I came to terms with the way I react to pain. Ashamed am I to have turned to my ex-wife’s ways. Ashamed am I to have left my obedience to the Lord. Ashamed am I to have to write about the truth. Though, I know, now, that I would be better if I was ever cheated on again.

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