Marquette University Essay

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Marquette University

Marquette is ranked No. 63 by high school and private independent school guidance counselors in 2012. It’s located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette is known for its outstanding academics, and varying majors. Additionally, Marquette is a Catholic Jesuit college, which means there are a lot of spiritual bases in finding God in everything that is done. This means in education we can find some inspiration to do better and be better, no matter what is one’s faith or traditions; the common ground for almost everything is education and its importance.

With a degree from Marquette comes a lot of bragging rights, and is highly looked upon. When applying for a job Marquette stands out on a resume over most universities and colleges. Marquette is one the best universities offered in Wisconsin besides UW Madison. I believe I would like to further my first class education with Marquette because of great programs offered and the greater spiritual background received with a degree. Marquette is a top notch school and attracts a lot of perspective students, but turns them away with $40,000+ tuition a year, including room and board.

To help with tuition Marquette offer a lot of scholarships to the most deserving students, and also have a great program for work grant for working for paying for college as in the cafeteria. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as the FAFSA) is a form that can be prepared annually by current and prospective college students (undergraduate and graduate) in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid (including the Pell Grant, Federal student loans and Federal Work-Study).

Also, student loans are very reasonable and sometimes money is taken off by volunteering and community participation. Marquette and Madison are two of the best universities Wisconsin has to offer. While this is very high, this should not turn away perspective students away because they are so many scholarships that can be claimed. The ball is in the court of the student, and how proactive they are towards having reduced tuition. There is always a way around high costing tuition as in grants, scholarships, and work study/grant.

Also, with the admissions into Marquette the range for ACT score is from 24-29, class rank top %33 – %8, and %25 high or lower also are admitted. Marquette offers over 115 different majors and minors in which each student has the opportunity to hone their skills. The most popular majors at Marquette University include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Engineering; Health Professions and Related Programs; and Social Sciences.

Within these programs we find almost all states and 70 countries represented in student population, and the average classroom size is 31 students. There is a program offered called the FFP short for Freshman Frontier Program. The Freshman Frontier Program is designed to expose freshman to college academics in a gradual way that is meaningful to you. The program begins in the summer before a freshman first term at Marquette with a five-week session on campus when freshman take credit and non-credit courses.

Marquette offers a very spiritual background in the art of reflection, which is heavily influenced by its Catholic Jesuit ancestry. Faith and spirituality are an important part of life at Marquette. As a Catholic, Jesuit institution, Marquette provides an environment that foster spiritual growth in people of all faiths through religious services, community service, and personal and group retreats.

Students, faculty and staff find opportunities to develop spiritually through conversations about things that matter, faith, God, social justice, a search for truth, the desire for peace. “Faith and spirituality affect the way teaching, learning, research and living take place on campus”. A strong spiritual base is needed in the young women and men of the future, either Catholic, Christian, or others there is always a spiritual connection to something, and with this the Jesuits ties it in with education and everyday life.

To sum it up, Marquette continually stays on the top ranked universities in the nation, and will continue to do so if they keep up their great programs and spiritual background. The high tuition can always be subsidized by grants, scholarships, and work grant. FAFSA is a great a way for students to be prepared for the year ahead and to earn some money off of the entire tuition. This should not turn away perspective students, but should attract them for the thrill of working hard for things that are wanted.

But with this, a life lesson is learned, nothing in life is free, people must work for what they want and need. That’s why I believe Marquette is a great college for me to continue my spiritual and first class education. Work Cited “WE ARE A CATHOLIC AND JESUIT UNIVERSITY. ” Catholic and Jesuit. Marquette University, Fall 2012. Web. 30 Sept. 2012. <http://www. marquette. edu/about/jesuit. shtml>. Guided By The Difference. Milwaukee: Marquette University, 2012. Print Blust, Robert, Mr. “Marquette University. ” Personal interview. 30 Sept. 2012.

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