Marks & Spencer Stores

Different groups or teams

Each store in Marks & Spencer has different groups or teams and each group or team has their own responsibilities and tasks. Because each team has their own responsibilities this makes them know what they are doing and how they are approaching issues during their work day. Marks & Spencer also have team members whose responsibilities are divided because they are specialists in their job; therefore, this means that Marks & Spencer is likely to achieve its aims and objectives consistently and obviously, on time.

On top of that, the employees that are part of Marks & Spencer’s crew also help to achieve the targets of Marks & Spencer.

This could be for the reason that managers or directors have a span of control on supervisors and sales assistants in Marks & Spencer stores. As a result, having the span of control will mean that managers are in charge for setting duties and tasks, controlling and observing employees, for instance, sales assistants and supervisors.

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For the reason that this happens they have their own responsibilities and tasks that has to be met and there is no need to worry themselves about other employees’ responsibilities and tasks in the store. As a result target achievement is met by a better task focus that takes place.

In Marks & Spencer the CCTV monitors the employees that are working and therefore, the managers in Marks & Spencer’s store observes employees. This fact has increased Marks & Spencer’s profit in the way as employees work to the best of their ability and perform well while they are working because they know that they are being observed.

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Employees need to perform well in order to get bonuses for their good work and to avoid the disappointment of their managers; therefore, they treat customers very well and serve them at all times when they are available. As a result, customers that are treated well tend to buy the items, such as food and clothing from Marks & Spencer.

Customers need help with their shopping

This could be for the reason that when customers need help with their shopping, normally employees help them with where to find certain products, or where to find the right shoe sizes and clothing for them. In addition to this, Marks & Spencer stores that provide clothing have fitting rooms which means employees that usually stand in front of the fitting rooms are there to help customers with the sizes of their clothing and even the styles.

Marks & Spencer usually observes the employees’ that are being late and therefore monitors them; normally, an employee that works for Marks & Spencer will have an ID card. The lateness of employees’ can also be observed by asking them to sign time-sheets each day when they start and finish work; this helps Marks & Spencer to organize all the employees that are expected to be on time and in their work place. Observing and monitoring employees’ makes them to start working on time for the reason that they might not want to have arguments or conflicts with their managers in the store.

Marks & Spencer stores have enough employees

Because Marks & Spencer stores have enough employees on the store floors this helps Marks & Spencer to serve the majority of the customers properly. This is for the reason that fewer employees would be placed to serve customers in fitting rooms and most of the employees would be placed on the store floor placing products on shelves and helping customers to find certain products if they need help. For the reason that employees are divided into different areas in the whole store of Marks & Spencer they can serve customers and help with their shopping at all times. However, if there aren’t enough employees on the store floor the customers will be disappointed due to the fact that they will not be served very well and not given much help concerning their shopping.

For instance, if all of Marks & Spencer’s employees’ in the store serves customers only in fitting rooms then there would not be enough employees on the store floor which will lead to a real untidiness and muddle in the store. In conclusion, observing employees’ punctuality makes them to keep up with their attendance and be punctual. This makes Marks & Spencer have better image because their employees serves customers well and manages to keep up with the tidiness on the store floors.

Physical and Technological resources

Physical and technological resources that Marks & Spencer uses have quite a lot of advantages as Human Resources. Physical resources are the things that business uses to complete its activities every day in the store, for instance, buildings and equipment. Technological resources are things such as computers with its software such as Microsoft Office. Physical and technological resources are assessed below.

Marks & Spencer has got a transactional website (technological resource) ( which means that the business is expanded in many ways which increased its performance. This could be for the reason that clients or consumers that are able to access the website can purchase its products. Marks & Spencer online shopping offers UK online shoppers many choices. Their large clothing and home ware line has earned respect and loyalty from shoppers from the United Kingdom as well as worldwide. Consumers can shop online for thousands of Marks & Spencer online products from the convenience of their home because people can look through the website to see new clothes and items and the new deals and offers are also promoted on the website so that customers know what is offered in the stores. In the website, it is also possible to contact Marks & Spencer if consumers have a question regarding a product or an item.

Therefore, this expand the business as anyone can access the website from any country of the world if they have internet connection and it also increases performance because consumers can stay at home not visiting the stores which means Marks & Spencer would receive money from costumers anyway, which would increase in sales and this means Marks & Spencer would make more profit.

Marks & Spencer stores has got many tills in their stores and employees that works on them, therefore, having many tills prevents in having long customer queues because as employees are able to work on the tills they can serve the customers very quickly. Therefore, the more tills Marks & Spencer has, the better customer service because it serves customers quickly leaving them happy and it is likely to make them to come into the store the next time as they received good customer service. Eventually, if they continue visiting the store this means they will buy more products which will increase in sales and make higher profits. In addition to this, normally there are lifts in Marks & Spencer stores that helps customers quite a lot too because their shopping can be more convenient.

Lifts are useful because it helps customers with pushchairs and disabled customers to shop, especially in the stores where Marks & Spencer has got four floors. For instance, one of the shopping malls in Plymouth has got Marks & Spencer store of four floors; the first being men clothing, the second is women clothing, the third is lingerie and fourth floor is children clothing and toys, home ware and the café. On the fourth floor they also have a tunnel leading directly to the car park so it means customers can avoid the busy lifts that they will find in the shopping mall itself. Therefore, by having lifts Marks & Spencer makes it convenient for customers to shop and they are likely to visit the store more often due to comfortable surroundings and resources available to them. In addition to this, Marks & Spencer always has employees with samples of different items in the store for customers to try. This would also increase in providing better customer service as the products are promoted and customers will want to try out the new products.

They will be happy that Marks & Spencer offers samples to try out because customers would feel important in the store by employees showing attention and offering products to customers. As a result, customers that try the samples are likely to like the product and purchase it making Marks & Spencer’s sales eventually grow and profits increase. On the top of that, customers want a good value for the products they buy which would be high quality and reliable. They also want to get good quality service provided to them at the stores and that staff always would be available for assistance if needed. Customers also want a good environment around them in which they would be comfortable to shop and buy high standard products provided; therefore, better customer service would be increased by employees being motivated and providing assistance and by having resources such as lifts which increase the shopping convenience and this would keep customers happy.

The communication through Internet and telephone

The availability of communication through Internet and telephone allows Marks & Spencer to correspond quicker and easier. Managers in Marks & Spencer are able to send and receive information from other Marks & Spencer branches as well as departments. For instance, e-mails allow managers to attach financial statement and transfer them to finance department which might be situated in another city. In addition to this, Internet and telephone connection gives an advantage to customers as well. This is for the reason that customers are able to contact Marks & Spencer either by e-mails or by giving a call to Marks & Spencer store. A number of customers feel the need to contact Marks & Spencer because they want to ask about particular product, for example, if Marks & Spencer has black jacket in size ten.

If it happens that Marks & Spencer has this type of an item in store the customer might ask to put it on hold which Marks & Spencer will be happy to do. However, if it happens that Marks & Spencer does not have it in store then the customer can order it and Marks & Spencer will be happy to provide instructions how to do it. When the delivery arrives, Marks & Spencer will contact the customer by informing him about the arrived jacket. Therefore, the customer would be happy because they are given quality service and because Marks & Spencer is trying the best to serve customers well; this would make customers feel important.

Insurance against thefts, fire damages and vandalisms

Marks & Spencer has insurance against thefts, fire damages and vandalisms; therefore this makes employees feel safe in their working environment. Because of this employees are able to work and perform up to the highest possible standard. For instance, an employee who knows that he or she is protected from thieves that could appear in the store and be dangerous to lives of people that appear in the store will be able to serve customers without fair and stress. In addition, customers who know that Marks & Spencer has insurance they would feel safe and protected when shopping in the store.

This would increase Marks & Spencer’s performance, as employees want to be safe, they want staff would be always available for assistance and they want good environment around them that is comfortable to shop in. Therefore, having insurance from thefts, fire damages and vandalisms would make sure that customer’s desires are fulfilled and employees would work to the best as they can knowing that they are protected. Therefore, as customers would visit the store more because they feel safe at the store, they would buy more products due to safety and getting quality assistance from employees and as a result sales will eventually increase which would lead to higher profit and increased performance.

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