Marks and Spencer

Marks and spencer recruit both internally and externally

Internal recruitment process

Marks and spencer recruit internally within the organisation by advertising a vacancy through emails and noticeboards and if any of the staff are interested or suitable, they then apply for the job. This can also be a promotion to the staff for example from working as a sales assistant to a supervisor, from supervisor to an assistant manager, and from assistant manager to a manger. In case none of the staff are suitable for the job, it is then advertised externally.

External recruitment process of marks and spencer

Before marks and spencer recruit new employees, they advertise their vacancies, and this is how it is done externally;

Through websites

Marks and spencer use their website to advertise job vacancies which is free and fastest therefore the company does not spend any money on advertising. Sometimes marks and spencer use other agency websites like indeed to help them advertise any vacancies in store.

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This is the easies to the people interested because if you add your location, it shows the vacancies available in your area and how far it is.

Marks and spencer also use other advertising methods like poster in a window which one of the cheapest but can only be view by the people in the local area. They also use job centres and newspaper which is the most expensive method of advertisement.

External methods of recruitment used by marks and spencer

Though job centres; Marks and spencer use job centres to advertise their vacancies in the company.

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Job centres then work together with marks and spencer to provide support and training to the local area so that employees can be found to fill in the available vacancies. Job centres then put the vacancies and job description to their website for people looking for work.

Other methods; Marks and spencer sometimes recruit themselves through and up-to-date list of interested people to email. These are people whose application and details have been secured and later used by the company to recruit them. The company then contacts them if they are still interested in the vacancy they applied for in the past.

Recruitment process

How an applicant follows the recruitment process of marks and spencer

Online application

As a candidate, you need to search on their website under the careers section for the job role that you are interested in. This search shows the vacancies available in store within all branches of marks and spencer. Then you have an option of putting in your location which show the most suitable roles in your area. The marks and spencer recruitment process contain an online application form and an FAQ to answer any possible questions. This will require you to create a login and enter your name and email then a confirmation email will be sent to you to validate the account for marks and spencer recruitment process. When you submit the application form, an email receipt will be sent to your given email address. This means you can now track, revisit the site using your login to check the progress of your application for the job and edit your personal details if required. Finally, once you apply for a job through the marks and spencer recruitment process, you cannot re-apply for a position with in the next six months due to high demand. All your application details are saved on a secured database for marks and spencer recruitment to access when required.

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