Marketing Survey Dettol Liquid Handwash Essay

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Marketing Survey Dettol Liquid Handwash

Following is the questionnaire followed to take up the survey:

Neha: Who makes the decision to buy this product?
Kamal: I make the decision to buy the product.

Neha: Who else plays a role in this decision making? Is there anyone else whose opinion you take into consideration while choosing this product?Kamal: Mostly, I decide as to which product to buy, but my kids and husband also voice their opinion sometimes.

Neha: Why did you buy this product and what are the attributes you look for? Kamal: I have been using this product for quite a long time. The main attributes are quality assurance and cost factors. Its re-fill pack is also a good attribute, as once you buy the pump pack; you can get the re-fill at much lower cost. It is reasonably priced and also the dettol is a well known brand.

Neha: Have you used any other brand of liquid handwash? If yes, then what motivated you to try the other brand? Also, what made you come back to dettol? Kamal: Yes, I have also used Lifebuoy hand wash. I have tried lifebuoy once or twice, mainly because of the non availability of the dettol hand wash in the local store from which I get the monthly ration. So, when dettol is available, I go for that only.

Neha: Why didn’t you choose to wait for the new stock of dettol liquid hand wash to arrive? Kamal: Hand wash is a product of daily use, so availability is necessary. Also, Lifebuoy, dettol and a couple of other brands are almost similar in pricing and quality. Thus, there is no incentive in waiting for new stock.

Neha: Have you been using this product for long? Where did you get information about this product? Kamal: Yes, I have been this product for quite some time. I got to know about this product from advertisements in television. Also the displays in the store from which I buy most of my daily needs products , also helps me make an informed decision as I can compare the prices of different brands and also the various discounts and schemes offered.

Neha: Which store do you go to? Any specific reason to choose that particular store? Kamal: I go to the local departmental store in the market near to my house. I choose this store as it is nearby and I can get everything from kitchen products to sanitary products to everything. It has wide variety of products available which makes my job easier.


From the above survey, following are the conclusions that can be drawn about the consumer preference and the demand of a daily mundane product of less than Rs. 75/-.

Stock Availability: One of the most crucial factors for low price daily products is the availability. As they form the daily needs of the consumers, non availability of the product is not an option. Consumer will quickly switch to a new brand.

Competitive Pricing: For daily products like hand wash, face wash etc. pricing plays an important role in consumer opting for a particular product. As lots of options offering almost comparable quality and price are available, pricing is very important to attract the consumers.

Consumer Loyalty: Consumer loyalty also plays a significant role in the sales of the product in question. A common answer as to why they continue to buy a given product is, that they have been using the product for very long time and never faced a problem. Hence, as long as the product is consistent in quality and pricing, consumers tend to be loyal to one brand as they get used to it.

Promotion: Advertisements in television/print and display in the retailer store is the main source of information for the consumers. Attractive advertisements may prompt the consumer to try out a different product and thus effective promotion campaign is needed to sustain consumer interest. As the consumer is mainly the budget conscious house wives, discounts and schemes are another effective means to maintain consumer base and also attract new consumers.

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