Marketing Seminar Essay

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Marketing Seminar

“Marketing and Selling Technique Seminar”, a successful seminar that was held last Tuesday (July 10, 2012). The seminar brought much information, ideas, tips, as well as inspirational thoughts and experiences on us business management students shared by successful people in the field of marketing.

The heartfelt invocation which started the program made the whole crowd in silence, and then it was being followed by our national anthem. The idea to exert a little effort to make the students alive to start the seminar was very much appreciated; the singing portion participated by talented ladies and the “pick-up lines” that were thrown by CMBT students made the crowd awake. I was happy when our department dean Marilou Pascual and the Vice Presidents of our campus started to share their inspirational messages, it was like we’re so privileged to hear words of wisdom coming from them. After the speech of our dean and of the vice presidents, an energetic dance number was performed by selected third year students, I guess many of us was entertained but somehow, somewhere I heard voices of my fellow students saying “ang inet naman!”, well I proved them right because I was also experiencing irritation because of the hot weather.

Most of us students got excited because Sir. Arjhel Domingo the master of the ceremony just announced that before Mr. Simangan speak, we must first get our food!, so it’s “Merienda Time!” I’m just a bit disappointed about our drinks, it’s because it was warm! But at least the bread included was just fine. After the break time, Mr. Domingo finally introduced our resource speaker. I thought that Mr. Simangan will be just boring, but I was wrong because I enjoyed listening to him and with the use of the prepared presentation seen through the projector, I was able to understand more what Mr. Richard was saying.

The resource speaker shared lots of things related to marketing as well as selling like strategies to win customers, marketing process, marketing mix, e-Marketing, brand generation and the blue and red ocean strategy, he also included some useful tips to boost sales and on how to properly negotiate with the customers and lastly he shared the top successful marketing techniques. When Mr. Simangan ended his lecture, lots of students asked marketing related questions to him with the help of Mr. Perlito Candari. Well, because Mr. Simangan is a marketing specialist or a marketing expert I should say, he answered and enlightened those students’ queries with ease.

The next part of the program struck us students because of the testimonials of successful sales leaders who found happiness, fulfillment, and success in direct selling like Mrs. Thelma Guevarra Vergara the Senior Executive Unit Manager of Avon who became successful just because of her love in lipsticks. After the seminar was ended I realized that luck isn’t being gained instead it is being worked, and we should always stick in our mind that God has a plan for every one of us, it just depend on how we handle this plan that he gave.

To sum it up, I enjoyed and I’m glad attending the seminar because I gained more knowledge and got the will and confidence to strive for the best.

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