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Marketing research report: using SPSS indentify case study

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The Questionnaire having 19 key questions to extract consumer’s perception about Auto Online website and the important factors which motivated for consumer to buy online. The research objective is try to identify the important factors motivating to buy online, for consumers and to take action plans further to improve consumer’s needs.

The survey mainly concentrating on the following aspects; Consumer’s view on use of Internet, Awareness of Auto Online website, Security, Convenience while making a purchase etc. All these questions were asked on 1 to 5 Ratings scale, so the data collected on 19 factors is an ordinal.

The labels taken as Strongly Disagree (1) to Strongly Agree (5) for all the variables:

The most prominent way of analyzing these type of data in Descriptive Statistics is Frequency Tables and Cross Tabulations, also Top 2 Box scores for important factors; where Top 2 Box scores is the Percent of respondents for any particular question answered the Top 2 responses, i.e. Strongly Agree and Agree. It will be the best measure to interpret the respective attribute (In terms of Percentages).

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The important thing to be consider when interpreting the Ordinal Data is that it does not make any significance if we calculate the average forms like Mean or Median.

Below are the Frequency Tables which are basically about how consumer thinks about Internet and Making purchase decisions etc.

Marketing research report: using SPSS indentify case study 3

Executive Summary:

Auto Online is a very “convenient” website and motivating respondent to buy products online.

Most of the respondents aware about Auto Online through web surfing or any search engine.

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It will be very good if Auto Online website get innovative so that the overall experience with the site will be stronger than what know it is; since consumer is surfing the net as he is looking more information about Automobile products and he can reduce the strain with dealing car salesmen.

Analysis and Interpretation:

The following tables are the frequency tables for the questions, in what way the internet would be used by the respondent.

Here the key questions for Auto Online are “I use the internet to research purchases I make”, “The Internet is a good tool to us when researching an automobile”, The Internet should not be used to purchase vehicles” and “Online dealership are just another way of getting you into the traditional dealership”.

Where no single important factor got more than 50% of respondent saying whether “strongly agree” or “agree”. So on average a respondent is using internet to research automobile and of course it does not turning him to purchase online, they are thinking that they should not purchase automobiles on line.

Since the Percent of respondents for “The Internet should not be used to purchase vehicles”  got only 40% of Top2 Box Score.

So on average not more than 40% of respondents turning their Internet use into online purchase for any automobile products.

Following tables are the frequency tables on consumer’s perception about buying a new vehicle and don’t like to hassle with car salesmen.

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