Marketing Plan of TATA SKY Essay

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Marketing Plan of TATA SKY

Price: Tata Sky has offered competitive pricing but has been on the higher end and its due to promotional campaigns it has added in incentives leading to increase in customer base. In search of newer audiences in smaller towns, DTH operator Tata Sky is introducing a new Rs 99 package — Super Hit Pack 2. Customer Services: Tata sky offers an excellent website and dedicated customer line. They have the concept of registered mobile number providing easy communication. But their Customer service lines are always busy and the waiting period is usually very long. This may be an irritant for existing customers.

6 3. Reception: The reception is usually excellent in comparison to existing cable TV. But during monsoons and Cloudy days they are affected. The rate of signal distortion is more for Community dishes in comparison to Individual dishes. This technical problem should be sorted. 4. Program Choices: After litigations, Tata sky is able to offer huge bouquet of channels but it is still less compared to the Cable TV. They should ensure extensive program choices to induce switching from Cable to DTH 5. New Technology: Tata sky Plus is an initiative in this direction. Various services under Active are

part of this Technology game. Being a interactive and dynamic offering would increase its appeal. 6. Technical Support: Technical support system of Tata sky is well establishes. If a 24 hrs limit can be provided for all complaints and work on ‘holidays’ when people are generally home could be sold as a USP. Tata Sky as a product has evolved from the time to inception. Further to enhance the product, new services and technologies can be imbibed like: 1. Common Dish per house for Multiple Television sets 2. Combined Product with Television – Rural Areas , especially and Niche Segment Targeting if Combined with LCDs

3. Connectivity with other digital Monitors like Laptops for Commercial Usage 4. Guide can be displayed in Multiple Regional Languages 5. Voice over in Multiple Languages (Currently limited availability in for some programs) 6. Interactive Video Games (with consol) 7. Inclusion of Radio Reception. Development of Visual Radio service. 8. Variety in Movie Listing with Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional Channels 9. Special channels for Songs Request like Jukebox could be launched 10. Stock Market related interactive service on Active 7 Price Competition has increased may fold with completion providing freebies and

slashing prices. The following price related strategies could be adopted, which may lead to a short term loss but a medium term break even and profit: 1. Free Set Top: Following the line of Dish TV, Set top Boxes can be given free while ensuring lock in by providing base pack free for limited time duration, thus inducing update to next level. 2. Lock in of 1 year: Ensure long term lock ins by providing incentives for pre payment of long term charges. Continue with current strategy of providing 2 months free on payment of 10 months services. 3.

Multiple Connections: Provide discounts for consumers buying second Tata Sky Connection (up to 50% off) 4. Encourage References: Provide discounts on Monthly charges if reference from existing consumer becomes a new customer. 5. Regional Disparity: Provide free regional packs in local areas to ensure switch from Cable TV to DTH service, i. e. provide free south Jumbo pack for customers in all Southern States. 6. Community Dish: Provide Incentives in the form of Free Months charges for first 3-6 months and reduce the Installation charges per flat.

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