Marketing of Breeder’s Own Pet Foods, Inc.

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Central issue: Breeder’s Mix is a new kind of dog food and it is totally differ from traditional types dog foods, people are not familiar with this product at all. In addition, it is very difficult to predict the trend of this product.

Dog food industry is considered highly potential in a mounting trend. Firstly, the dog food industry has benefited from increasing dog ownership. Secondly, pet owners continue to invest their animal companions with human qualities. Thirdly, the premium and superpremium dog food is increasing.

Supermarket distribution is focused on the single largest retail channel for dog food and Boston market is ideal for launching a new dog food. There are about 50 dog food manufacturers and 350 dog food brands in the US. 5 of them accounted for 75 percent of the market share. The company is supposed to face a series of problems introducing the Breeder’s Mix to the general market, mostly due to its new form of the packaging.

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In addition, the price is also a big issue to be considered.


When entering the retail market, the market segment that Breeder’s Mix should be high and dog raisers who would spend more on their dogs than those dog owners who buy dry/canned/treats. The description on potential buyer scope is too large, and it can be narrowed down to niche group among those purchase expensive dog food buyers.

According to the case, we can find that Boston market has a large potential. We suggest the entire campaign should be designed to accommodate product introduction inside the Boston market area.

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So the campaign can affect not only Boston but also the area near Boston. It’s a good preparation for our next step for geographic market extension.


We think that target market is the most important. We segmented where Breeder’s should be. And When it entering the retail market, we can find our position. And in this position, we can use good strategies to get more market share in Boston Market.

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