Marketing naturally leads to money

Marketing naturally leads to money. When the Bible deals with this theme, it uses the term “Mammon” (personification of wealth and power that controls its use): “You can not serve God and Mammon” (Matthew 6:24).

The fact that notoriety and profitability can mingle with the praise of the Eternal through Christian music is a not insignificant act, which makes management more complex. What would happen if preachers and prophets were exposed to such pressures and temptations, tempted to profit from the revelations they receive? …

Even if we admit that all the actors of the Christian music act in the sincerity of his heart and that we give him the credit that everybody seeks only to praise the Eternal, we can not avoid a hint of commercialism hovering over the phenomenon itself.

Randy Travis’ 24 million albums push for meditation, although most Christian music CDs do not “exceed” the 10,000 sales limit (in France) and the artist averages 8 to 10% of his turnover.

However, some young Christian musicians may consider a career of “praise” from angles that will test the sanctity of their personality.

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We see that the world around us also offers the same opportunities for young people: to become “stars” of music, to gain notoriety and celebrity by singing. Is it a sign of the times? The analogy deserves a reflection.

On this subject, the words of Leonard Ravenhill are very revealing:

Working in the world of music, I constantly see this confusion. Today we see celebrities becoming Christians, but they never put their music on the altar.

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…… I have to express what I saw. I have seen celebrities become Christians and be honored by publishers and record companies, even before they are prepared. And when they fail, they collapse. Then they declare that “Christianity is a joke – it does not work” because people looked at them and said, “They are so zealous for God. In fact, they have cultivated their disoriented passion to feed their own interests. ”

Those who wish today to continue to affirm with the Bible that praise as such must be absolutely holy, reserved to God, will also be led to recognize that praise cannot, therefore, become a commercial object, a commodity, without losing His Holiness. He then takes the risk of simply becoming music, as well as that belonging to the secular domain. It is a spiritual principle.

And Jehovah said to Moses, Take spices, and state, and scented shells, and galbanum, and the sweet incense, and perfume, and their incense; and you will make a compound perfume, a perfumer’s work, salty, pure, holy. … And as for the incense you make, you will not do it in the same proportions: you will consider it holy, consecrated to the Lord.

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Marketing naturally leads to money

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