Marketing Mix of Nesquik Essay

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Marketing Mix of Nesquik

I choose the product Nestle Nesquik because I am constantly buying Nestle Nesquik powdered milk drink. I get the chocolate and the strawberry flavors. My son will not drink milk at all, but if I put the strawberry or chocolate powder in it, he drinks it all day long. Marketing mix is the four ps. The four P’s are product, price, place, and promotion. Product can be described as any kind of service or good created by a company. It also includes the guarantees, branding, creation, packaging, and design of a product (Editorial Board, 2012).

Pricing can be defined by how much money people will pay for the product. It is also about the discounts that are for the product. Place is how the product is transported and stored and how it is distributed, so that it can make it to the buyers hands. Promotion has to deal with how the company gets their product exposed to the people. They use media, sales and commercial advertising (Editorial Board, 2012). Nestle Nesquik product is powder flavoring that you add to milk to make it strawberry, or chocolate milk. Its brand logo is a Nestle Nesquik bunny.

They created it so that kids will drink milk and it will be healthier than the other syrups out there. It is packaged in an oval shaped yellow container. It has the Nestle Nesquik bunny on it and has Nestle Nesquik written on it. They guarantee that it has 25% less sugar then the leading brand and that it has no artificial sweeteners. Nestle Nesquik isn’t just good tasting and good for my son, it also is cheap in price. It is only $4. 98 for a 21. 8 oz. container. They also have coupons that you can use that if you buy two Nestle Nesquik products you get a dollar off.

I know other moms who get this product because it’s the only way they get their child to drink milk and it’s so inexpensive. Nestle Nesquik never changes their price, and it’s because they don’t need to, because so many people buy it. Nestle Nesquik has their products at Wal-Mart because that is where so many people do their grocery shopping at so it is the perfect place to have it at. You can also order it online too and because it is a powder it doesn’t go bad when it’s getting mailed to you.

Nestle Nesquik has a commercial where a mom is talking to you telling you how it’s important for kids to drink milk but she just can’t get her kid to drink it. Then another mom comes in and shows her Nestle Nesquik chocolate powder mix, and says I put Nestle Nesquik in my kids drink and she drinks it nonstop! Then the other mom says wow that’s great thanks Nestle Nesquik! Then before it’s over its shows a bunch of kids with chocolate milk saying I love milk now thanks to Nesquik! They also advertise on their container the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.

It says “where’s the bunny? It says the Nesquik bunny is missing and you have to be a hero like Agent P and find the bunny. Doing this gets kids to see it, especially because it is on the bottom shelf, and they beg their parents for the Agent P stuff. Each of the four p’s, price, product, place, and promotion, are very important when marketing Nestle Nesquik because you have to figure out your price that people will pay because if it’s too much no one will buy it and if it’s too low you won’t make any profits. You have to figure out the place that is the best to have it so that people will buy it when they shop.

If you put it at, say a gas station, then people probably won’t buy it. If you put it at Wal-Mart though then it will get bought. When it comes to promotion, you have to do something that will grab their attention. Doing commercials get the parents to see the product, and then they get it to try it for their kids. Doing the Phineas and Ferb advertising gets the kids to see it and then they want it so the parents get it for their kids. As for the product part of the four P’s, it is important because you have to have a product in order to sell a product.

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