Marketing Management Sample Paper

Course: Marketing Management 1 Max. Marks:20 Time: 20 minutes Name----------------------- Roll no. ----------------------- Answer any 20 from the following Multiple Choice Questions: Circle/fill up the blank 1. Companies that search for customers and may negotiate on the producer’s behalf but do not take title to the goods are called ________. a. marketers b. merchants c. facilitators d. agents e. none of the above Answer: d 2. A ________ strategy involves the manufacturer using advertising and promotion to persuade consumers to ask intermediaries for the product, thus inducing the intermediaries to order it.

a. push b. pull . promote d. provide e. none of the above Answer: b 3. When the producer wants to maintain control over the service level and outputs offered by the resellers it most likely will use ________ distribution. a. competitive b. extensive c. intensive d. exclusive e. selective Answer: d 4 ________ means conflict between different levels within the same channel. a. Vertical channel conflict b. Circular channel conflict c. Multichannel conflict d. Horizontal channel conflict e.

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None of the above Answer: a 5 Retailing involves getting the goods or services to the ultimate consumer. Which of the following is NOT a form of retailing? . The Internet b. Mail c. Vending machine d. Person e. none of the above Answer: e 6. You have ideas of owning a Subway after graduation. In owning a Subway location, you are entering a ________ agreement. a. voluntary b. franchisee c. franchiser d. merchandising e. none of the above Answer: b 7. Companies are reducing inventory costs by treating inventory items differently. Critical items defined as high risk, high opportunity and commodities defined as low risk, high opportunity.

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Recently, your company has introduced a product that is considered by the distributor a “bottleneck” item.

What is the risk/reward relationship for “bottleneck” items? a. Low risk, mediocre opportunity b. Low risk, high opportunity c. Low risk, low opportunity d. High risk, high opportunity e. High risk, low opportunity Answer: e 8. he functions that wholesalers perform include all of the following EXCEPT ________. a. bulk breaking b. buying and assortment building c. financing d. producing e. market research Answer: d 9. As a marketing intern your job is to “hang out at the mall” and note the percentage of people who enter a particular store versus those who pass by it.

This is an example of _________ for retailers. a. measuring advertisement effectiveness b. measuring foot traffic at the mall c. measuring consumer shopping patterns d. measuring retail sales effectiveness e. measuring retail locations Answer: d 10The term “sales representative” covers a broad range of positions. You have been hired by a firm as a sales representative. Your job description reads as follows: “The key duty of the sales representative is to solve the customer’s problems, using the company’s products. ” You are a ________ sales representative. . deliverer b. technician c. missionary d. demand creator e. solution vendor Answer: e 11 The eight steps in developing effective communications starts with the basics: identifying the target audience, determining the objectives, designing the communications, ________ , and establishing the budget. a. selecting the advertising copy b. managing the process c. choosing the media mix d. selecting the channels e. measuring results Answer: d 12________ channels consist of company salespeople contacting buyers in the target market. a. Individualized b. Personal . Expert d. Advocate e. Social Answer: d 13. The four common methods that companies use to decide on a promotion budget includes the affordable method, the percentage-of-sales method, ________, and the objective-and-task method. a. financial method b. incremental growth method c. zero-based budgeting method d. competitive-parity method e. last year’s budget method Answer: d 14. Communicators use ________ appeals such as fear, guilt, and shame to get people to things or stop doing things. a. destructive b. scary c. attractive d. emotional e. negative

Answer: e 15. ________ is most important when launching new products, flanker brands, or extensions of well-known brands. a. Media selection b. Weighted exposures c. Impact d. Reach e. Frequency Answer: d 16. One of the advantages of television is that it combines sight, sound, and motion, appealing to the senses, high attention, and high reach. One of the disadvantages of television is its ________. a. use of the “remote control” to zap through commercials b. high clutter c. cable channels d. fragmented markets e. censorship possibilities Answer: b 7. One of the ways you can attempt to measure whether or not a company is overspending on advertising is to try to connect share of expenditures to share of market. The first step in this process is to translate a company’s share of expenditures into its ________. a. share of consumer’s minds b. share of advertising expenditures c. market share d. share of market e. share of voice Answer: ePage: 584Level of difficulty: Hard 18 You are calling on a buyer at a mid-west industrial supplier and are in the process of using the AIDA and the FABV approaches.

Of the six, generally accepted steps in the sales process, which step uses these two selling approaches? a. Presentation and demonstration b. Overcoming objections c. Preapproach d. Closing e. Prospecting and qualifying Answer: a 19. The term “sales representative” covers a broad range of positions. You have been hired by a firm as a sales representative. Your job description reads as follows: “The key duty of the sales representative is to solve the customer’s problems, using the company’s products. ” You are a ________ sales representative. f. deliverer g. technician h. missionary i. emand creator j. solution vendor Answer: e True/False Questions (Circle the appropriate one) 20. Any organization selling to the final consumers—is doing retailing. However, it does matter how the goods or services are sold and where they are sold. False 21. Two-sided messages are more effective with audiences that are more educated and those who are initially opposed to the product. True 22. Sales personnel serve as the company’s personnel link to its customers. For that reason, the company must carefully consider sales force design issues such as objectives, strategy, size, and compensation. True

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