Marketing management Essay

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Marketing management

Marketing management – assignment 1

Case study
Question for discussion:
1-give examples of needs, wants, and demand that build –a-bear customer demonstrate differentiating each of these three concepts. What are the implications of each on build –a-bear’s action? The build –a- bear company can really differentiating between needs, wants, and demand by gives the customer a free choice to create a bear by your own personalization so that the experience that customer need to make a value to the product and to satisfied all kind of customer and what they want ,need or demand .

The build –a- bear actions are very precise and perfect because clark never forgetting what is like to be a customer and ask customer about what they want and she thinks like a customer. In every action build –a- bear make customer more related and closer by sharing the experience of build –a- bear together with your parents. The company achieve to gives to her customer needs, wants, and demand.

2- In detail, describe all facets of Build-A-Bear’s product. What is being exchanged in a Build-A-Bear transaction? When the children try to build a bear he gets through some station first (choose me) where the child choose unstuffed animal from a bin. At (stuff me) station when the animal comes to life. There is (hear me) station, where customer decide whether or not to includes (voice box) , (stitch me) where the child stitches the animal shut , (fluff me) where the child can give the animal a blow- dry spa treatment, (dress me) filled with accessories galore . That’s better than just buy the teddy or the stuffed animal and go.

3- Which of the five marketing management concepts best describes Build-A-Bear Workshop? Build –a- bear workshop can be describes as societal marketing.

4- Discuss in detail the value that Build-A-Bear creates for its customers?

Build –a-bear create a strong relationship and makes a value to the product through participating with customer, interact, offering a good experience.

They create social environment with child and their parents, it’s not just a toy shop it’s a relationship it’s goal to satisfy you and gives you what you want.

5- Is Build-A-Bear likely to be successful in continuing to build customer relationships? Why or why not? Yes

Because they always lets customer choose, try, feel, and create an experience, also they build strong, loyal relationship. Build –a- bear company always look forward and expanding in their shops ,ideas they also has create web site and game site so they expanding through customer need and opinion . It’s not just a toy store it’s vision that concentrate first on how to satisfy and how to build the concept of customer value creation. I think that build-a- bear will counties growth and earn customer loyalty.

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