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Marketing assignment

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is very famous tire producer in North America now, which included race cars tires, truck tires, snow tires, heavy earth-mover tires and automobile tires. It was established in Akron, Ohio, in 1898 by Frank Seiberling, which had only thirteen employees. Moreover, David Hill who is the first president of the company because he purchased the stock of this company. Seiberling borrowed 3,500 dollars from his brother-in-law to purchase the company’s first factory, which is an abandoned factory in Akron. Therefore, Seiberling want to be a good leader to manage this factory. Based on The History of Goodyear Tires (n.d), “Seiberling then founded the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, naming his business venture after Charles Goodyear, who had discovered how to vulcanize rubber to make it harder, more durable and resistant to chemicals” (para.2).

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company first began to produce bicycle and carriage tires. According to The History of Goodyear Tires (n.d), “In the first month, Goodyear Tires did a little over $8,000 in business. The company came up with its famous winged-foot logo in the early part of the 20th century” (para.1). Furthermore, Goodyear Company began to produce automobile tires. Then the Goodyear Company build new factory, which is bigger than the first one. Forthemore, they began to led more people know them. Based on The History of Goodyear Company (n.d), “By 1901, Goodyear had begun to use its now-famous winged-foot logo in advertisements” (para.3). By the 10 years later, the Goodyear Company stared make tires for airplanes, and then as that time Goodyear Company began work for aviation. In 1916, Goodyear Company purchased a plant factory for produce zeppelin aircraft. During the World of War One, Goodyear Company got the order form from the United States to built nine zeppelin aircraft.

Although, the Goodyear Company was not finish all of the zeppelin aircrafts in the 1917,the expanse for building zeppelin aircraft was hand down and help Goodyear during World of War Two. Otherwise, Goodyear Company also produced airships. According to Goodyear Zeppelin Company, “Goodyear also manufactured two airships, the Akron and the Macon, for the United States military during the early 1930s. During World War II, the company manufactured 104 airships for the military at its Akron facility” (para.2). Until now, the Goodyear Company still produces the zeppelin aircraft for advertising actions. It is sign for Goodyear Company all-round developing in the world, at this time the Goodyear Company is not only a tire and rubber company, but also become a magnate for rubber manufacture.

Therefore, Goodyear Company becomes the third largest tires producer in the world now. In that company, they are very successful for many years that are about the product and place and price. For example, you can see the service in everywhere even in Halifax. That is why Place is very important factor to increase market share and sales quantity. One good place can help us sale more items. During the reach I noticed that people buy the product through the nearly the place. However the product is very famous around the world that is the company force.

The good product will catch lots of customer. You can see the tires in the car. They are make lots of advertisement around the all TV shows. That why they sell the product like hot cake. However, they are service is more like the out of mouths. From the advertisement, we can clear know that that the company goal is the sale the tires around the world. For a long historic story from this company the band is the best famous advertisements. People believe in them, that their tires can very successful to sale very thing.

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