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Crispy Crunch’s main problem is that they haven’t advertised their product in many years. Since then the target market has changed a lot and has a very high multi-tasking behaviour. It is hard to pin point the exact needs and wants of this culture anymore except for one thing, they are all very technologically routed. With the internet at our finger tips, TV whenever we want, and smartphones in everyone’s pocket. That is the only thing you can really count on this day in age.

The chocolate bar market is mature and experiences only modest growth annually. There are 4 major players all with similar marketing strategies; find something unique in the product and promote it. Chocolate bars can be found in the same locations and are sold at very similar prices so they must use marketing communications to distinguish themselves. Crispy Crunch has had little to none in the last five years.

Crispy Crunch’s goal is to break into the top ten again and increase market share from 3.5% to 4% within 12 months. The current awareness of Crispy Crunch is 35% among the target market, which must increase significantly in order to increase market share and profits.

My main recommendation is to reach out to the target market using the only real linking factor among them; the internet. I think rich media is the best way to reach this audience because it makes use of technology and is available to audiences of many different tastes and lifestyles at all hours of the day.

Search advertising is when an advertiser is listed within or alongside search results in exchange for paying a fee each time someone clicks on the listing in those search results. If Crispy Crunch were to apply that type of advertising they could buy such words as “chocolate”, “crispy”, or “delicious”. When someone searched a phrase with these words they would see Crispy Crunch’s ad.

Pros This is a great way to advertise since you only play for the clicks you get. It is available 24/7 to a large audience and 80% of all internet traffic begins at a search engine.

Cons This form of advertising can be an annoyance to consumers, therefore they become put off the product.

Rich Media Rich media Incorporates animation, sound, video and interactivity into the advertising messages, like a short commercial. Marketers have found that a 10-second ad is the maximum acceptable length for an online video ad, and if it is to be viewed entirely it must be entertaining.

Pros The similarity to television makes it attractive to traditional advertisers. Many TV shows are now being viewed online; these ads are often placed at the beginning, between scenes and at the end. They are available 24/7 to a large audience.

Cons Sometimes it can be hard to make an ad interesting in that short of a time frame. Some viewers find these ads to be an annoyance.

Mobile Advertising Advertisers are trying to capitalize on the popularity of cell phones by sending ads via text message. Marketers interested in reaching younger targets are getting involved with text messaging. They are asking consumers to get involved with their brands by running promotions that include short codes with their marketing material, often found on posters, packaging, bottle caps, etc. Consumers can enter or scan codes to participate in contests, download free music, and get ring tones and prizes.

Pros This is a great way to advertise because of the speed, directness, portability, and low cost. It is very common with younger target markets.

Cons These messages are often seen as an annoyance and intrusive and are too closely related to telemarketing. Some of these ads may even cost the consumer for the data they use. Recommendations

I recommend that Crispy Crunch begins advertising with the use of rich media. I think this is best suited to reach their target group which has a high multi-tasking behaviour. Many people in the age group of 18-29 year olds have hectic schedules and are now watching episodes of their favorite shows online because they are not always able to watch it and this form of television has allowed them a more flexible lifestyle around their shows schedule.

Rich media also provides 24/7 access, it can reach many people at once and it is not as invasive or annoying at other methods of advertisement such as direct response, text message or email while still being very cost effective.

I would also urge Crispy Crunch to stick with their previous slogan “The only thing as good as your Crispy Crunch is someone else’s.” as well as the general message of the campaign. The ads were short, funny, and to the point. I think that the people in their target market have most likely never seen the previous ads or have forgotten about them. Sometimes bringing back the old is very well received. A&W did very well bringing back the vintage vibe of their restaurants. The ads from the 1989 campaign were very well received and upped market share then and I’m sure they could do it again with the same overall message, they just need the attention.

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