Market structure of competitive entities: Apple inc. and competitors

Assignment Part?1

Part ( a )

Apple ( I phone ) is one of the transnational prima company presenting enormous engineering appliances twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. In all over the universe, this UK based company has introduced its merchandises. Recently, Apple has a dictum of development of “super tablet” computing machine. Market researches show that customers’ demands are high for this new engineering point. Over the past seven old ages, Apple has seen great success due to its inventive and fresh manner to make the concern.

Through uninterrupted invention, Apple has developed a series of exceeding merchandises with inventive design and manner. In modern engineering inventions, Apple Inc. has made sensible stairss in the enlargement of information engineering universe. This enlargement besides forced its few rivals to din and last in the market with due competition

In my points of position, Apple Inc. can be considered base in difference market constructions such as oligopoly and monopolistic competition. Apple Inc. maintains oligopoly market construction in the competition of smart phone trade names proclamations, but Apple Inc.

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is known as monopolistic competition in the branded computing machines. Monopolistic competition in which many Sellerss are bring forthing extremely differentiated merchandises. Monopolistic competition is besides known as monopsonistic competition. Monopsonistic competition describes the demand-side seems to be parallel and peer to the monopolistic competition on the supply side.

Some economic expert provinces that monopolistic competition is more realistic than perfect competition because merchandises produced by the rivals are heterogenous ( non – homogenous ) . Imperfect competition does non run under strict and rigorous processs of perfect competition.

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In this market scenario of imperfect competition, the entity enjoys the comfort of increasing the monetary value in order to gain maximal net incomes. Apple Inc. sells the un–identical engineering in the market. This enables them to last in the market efficaciously and expeditiously.

Compare to oligopoly, monopolistic competition has more rivals, therefore the apple’s “super tablet” computing machine is considered as a monopolistic competition. Many other branded computing machine companies like Samsung, HTC and Dell are strong rivals that portion a Mobile and tablet computing machines market internationally. The gross revenues gross generated by such competitory companies is near adequate to Apple inc. that keeps themselves stay competitory. As the name guarantee, competitory industry of imperfect nature


Monopolistic competitory market represents the undermentioned properties:

  • There are many manufacturers and many consumers in this attack. Therefore, lowconcentration ratio. For illustration, the per centum of entire gross revenues of industry made by few important Sellerss in the industry market.
  • Consumers perceive that there is non-price differences among the rivals ‘ merchandises i.e. there isproduct distinction. There is a high non monetary value competition.
  • Manufacturers have control over price- they are non “price takers” but the “price shapers. This competitory border provides the entity an chance to act upon their economic periods.
  • There are fewbarriers to entry and issue. Unlike monopoly, there are no any limitations to come in in the competitory environment. This means that the short tally supranormal net income will convey other manufacturers into the industry sector, and so normal net incomes merely are made in the long tally.
  • Apple Inc. executes and carries independent action. There is in common mutuality construct in the competitory companies.
  • All entities’ aim is to hike up their net incomes for a figure of periods. And the client attempts to maximise public assistance by their purchase signifier such companies.
  • One premise in this type of market construction is that all the factors of production are nomadic. If they are non consumed efficaciously and expeditiously, they could travel to any other topographic point where they want to be to carry through their purposes.

Priority ground among Rivals:

Monopolistic competition ( Imperfect competition ) is the nomenclature for competitory markets that do non fit the demands of perfect competition. They are competitory, but they are imperfect. Many of the markets in existent life can be considered as imperfect competition. Market structures with no competition ( monopoly ) are excluded. Each participant knows the strengths and failing of its other rivals as good. Many markets operate among the few rivals. In such markets, a participant may derive advantage by offering a quality merchandise that is merely a small better than other rivals — non the best merchandise but the small better merchandise. Such competition normally leads to an efficient usage of scarce resources. . High net incomes encourage the new rivals to come in in the market and those who faces losingss, leave the market.

Imperfection and inefficiency

Sometimes, monopolistic competition can non expeditiously use their allocated beginnings. They become inefficient because they largely depend on market control if any other rival takes the higher rank by fantastic merchandise debut. Monopolistic competitory entities have modest degree of market control whereas oligopolistic companies have strong grade of market control.

Analysis of Apple Inc. with other Competitive Companies

Apple has an “ I ” for radical technology.Since its release, the company ‘s I?Phone hasmade a revolutionarychange in the market of cell phones and Mobile, tablet computer science. One of its popular merchandises, iPadtablet computerhasbecome another kink alteration in thetechnology market. In past few old ages, it was stated that Samsung is a strong rival to Apple Inc. and engaged in a competition relationship. Many economic expert crews said, Samsung will strike hard down the Apple Inc. and acquire the top place as a taking company in the modern epoch of engineering.

Samsung is known as a company whose cardinal scheme is to utilize economic systems of graduated table to derive a competitory advantage. Here is the comparing of both companies sing their economic systems of graduated table that shows that a minor difference in the indistinguishable merchandises introduced by Apple Inc. and Samsung may present the great net income to other:

Dichotomy in the make-up of Merchandises

Apple gets its 15 % market portion with merely three theoretical accounts of phones or tablets. While Samsung takes 30 % of the market, it must bring forth 150 theoretical accounts of smart phones to make so. We can analyse that Apple norms 50 MU per handset theoretical account while Samsung norms merely 2 MU per theoretical account. That’s a 25x difference!

More volume of merchandises awards a cost advantages in electronics hardware to the competitory leader. Software development and care becomes complex when it has to repair on a wide scope of hardware points. It is astonishing to compare that Samsung can deprecate the cost of 150 theoretical accounts of phones across 300 MU every bit productively as Apple can amortise the cost of merely 3 phones across 150 MU.

Short tally Approach for Competitive Entities

In monopolistic competition, both Apple Inc. and Samsung can act like monopoliesin the short tally, including utilizing market power to bring forth net income. In the short-term attack, both Apple Inc. and Samsung can usually derive some unnatural net income. But over the long tally attack, other competitory companies shall come in in the market due to the low entry barriers. New entries will seek to acquire the competitory border on the bing companies and seek to catch the important market portion in footings of net income. It is assumed that Short tally is a clip period in which at least one factor of production is fixed.

To gain maximal net incomes over Samsung, Apple Inc. should bring forth measure Qs at monetary value Ps. The house produce the merchandises where fringy cost ( MC ) and fringy gross ( MR ) curves will run into, because MC is the cost of bring forthing an one more ( extra point ) of the good and MR is the gross of selling one more good and their intersecting point shall be most efficient production in favour of Apple Inc. This means that the shaded country between Ps, ACs ( mean production cost of one point at this defined measure ) and the AR curve ( mean gross curve ) is the unnatural net income that the Apple Inc will bask. AR is tantamount to the demand curve and is the mean gross the Apple Inc. will gain on sold of one point. Production on this point shall present maximal net incomes for the Apple Inc.

Therefore, equilibrium is created in the short tally. For maximal net income, Samsung or Apple Inc. both houses have to bring forth measure of goods at point Qs where fringy gross curve coincides with the fringy cost curve. If the company face losingss in the short tally, such company will discontinue from competition race and the staying houses will run into the higher demands on the will of entities on monetary value.

Whereas in the long tally attack, it is impossible to gain unnatural net incomes because of the characteristics and premise of Monopolistic competition. There are a few big houses, but many little houses that will vie for net income and therefore company shall be bound to deflate its monetary values to accomplish marks. Another factor, other rivals of Apple Inc. and Samsung due to low entry barriers in the market construction will come in into the market and farther attention deficit disorder competition for market portion. Finally, the goods are similar plenty to guarantee that competition will ever stay high. The one, who makes slighter difference as said early, will gain maximal net incomes and accomplish non merely its primary aims but the secondary besides.

Part ( B )

The monetary value of points to be sold plays a key and critical function in set uping an efficient and effectual allotment of resources in a market system. Price acts as a mark for excess and shortage which assist the company respond to altering market conditions and field forces. Apple Inc. should see the monetary value of ace tablets in order to accomplish optimal benefits and positive consequence relevant to their economic concerns. Pricing besides plays critical function as a competitory border to assist a concern to pull out market chances.

Theory of monetary value describes that the market monetary value will demo intercourse between two opposing constructs. At one side are demand considerations depending on fringy public-service corporation ; while on the other side are supply considerations that depend on fringy cost. An equilibrium monetary value is supposed to be equal to fringy public-service corporation ( counted in income units ) from the consumer’s position and fringy cost from the marketer ‘s side. Every economic expert accepts this point of view, and it defines the effect of economic sciences mainstream, late this construct has been challenged earnestly.

Importance of Price in Apple Inc. Economy

In the given scenario, direction of Apple Inc. has conducted a recent research for the new “super tablet” computing machine. Consumers demand seems to be high for this electronic point as per research consequences and the supply of ace tablet is reduced, this will hike up the monetary value.

Price stableness of merchandise in a long tally attack may hold besides positive results on the net incomes of Apple Inc. Price stableness means to avoid the addition and lessening of that electronic point to be sold. Following points encourages avoids the negative consequences of economic systems of graduated table:

  • Monetary value stableness shall bit in to accomplish high degrees of economic activity ;
  • Increase the clarity of the monetary value mechanism of ace tablet. Peoples can happen alterations in comparative monetary values ( i.e. monetary values between different merchandises and articles ) , without being untidy by alterations in the overall monetary value dimensions of rivals similar electronic points ;
  • Promote purchaser to do high demands and to utilize his scarce resources more efficaciously and expeditiously by comparings with strong rivals ;
  • Discourages useless effort to pull barrier against the negative impact of rising prices or deflation ;
  • Avoids deformations of rising prices or deflation, which can hold worse impact on economic behaviour of societal security systems and revenue enhancement demands ;
  • Preventing an disdainful division of wealth and income as a consequence of unexpected deflation or rising prices.

Therefore, monetary value of ace tablet charged by Apple Inc. is the most of import concern determinations direction has to do for the accomplishment of budgeted profits.For illustration, unlike the other units of the selling mix ( merchandise, topographic point & A ; publicity ) , pricing determinations affect the gross or gross revenues figure than the cost factor. Pricing besides requires being congruous with the other elements of the selling mix, since it shapes to the perceptual experience of a merchandise by consumers. In short, puting a monetary value of ace tablet that may excessively high or excessively low will restrict the growing of a concern. At worst, it may ensue serious paradox for gross revenues and hard currency flow of Apple Inc.

Market force Analysis in Long run attack

Market forces can be explained as manner that the behaviour of Apple Inc ( marketer ) and purchasers affects the monetary value and rewards degrees, without any authorities intercession. Marketing mix ( merchandise, topographic point and publicity ) seems to be more of import than monetary value, and therefore requires more attending of Apple Inc. , but finding the monetary value of “super tablet” is really one of the most of import determinations of direction. This robust construct introduces the competitory forces in the market and ensures that invention in the innovations of Apple Inc. in the signifier of “super tablet” is at the frontline of any industry policy.

In long tally, demand and supply forcesrepresents thewhole influence on purchasers and Sellerss on measure and priceof the ace tablets offered in the market. In general, inordinate demand may ensue addition in monetary value and measure, and extra supply causes it to fall. In peculiar, market research workers should analyze altering forms in client demands which may demo that a longer term alteration in economic system is happening. Changes that continue over a long term attack may be included as a part of the concern rhythm of an economic period. When economic forces are restricted, supply and demand decides the monetary values of goods and Monetary values. As a consequence, force concerns what to bring forth ; if people want more of a peculiar point, the monetary value of the good rises.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of market forces are entailed below:


  • Apple Inc. may bring forth a broad scope of ace tablets to run into the purchasers ‘s wants
  • The market force responds immediately to consumer ‘s wants
  • Market system promotes the usage of new and improved techniques and machines to bring forth improved version of ace tablets


  • factors of production will be used if net income is earned at degree required
  • the free market can neglect to supply certain points due to built-in market restrictions
  • the free market may advance the usage of harmful goods that may ensue in judicial proceeding and claims
  • the production’s societal effects and demands may be filtered
  • the market construction allocates more merchandises to those purchasers who are financially strong

When monetary values are non allowed to increase in comparing with market degree, providers may non supply demanded “super tablet” computing machines as purchaser want. In simple words, deficits of ace tablet computing machines will be found in the market. These deficits become serious sometimes. However, if monetary values set are low than market degree, more consumers shall be able to purchase the electronic point. When Apple Inc. direction does non let cut downing their monetary value from market degree, providers may provide more electronic points than consumers demands.

Market gives necessary information for both marketer and purchasers to do of import determinations for the day-to-day market trades. This is a cosmopolitan regulation that we need things from others and others need things from us. Somehow, both the purchaser and marketer find their ain equilibrium point.

Consequences if Apple Inc. fails to present Innovation

Aims are the strategic ends of an entity. Conversion of ends into mensurable marks is possible through a cataract procedure that flows from Company’s aims, to planned concern unit aims, to run programs for executing of a successful concern. To last in today ‘s competitory concern epoch, organisations have to understand the factors that cause the entities to accomplish their aims expeditiously and efficaciously.

A goal-management solution ensures that employee ends and aims should confirm with the vision, mission and strategic ends of the full entity. Goal-managementprovides company with a technique to efficaciously and expeditiously pass on entity’s ends and corporate aims to each individualemployed in the full organisation. Information Technology affects corporate challenges and creates chances and issues that direction of an organisation demand to turn to in many facets of their concern to put to death it in effectual and efficient mode.

Instantaneous alterations in information engineering have created a market, and a society, where information plays critical function for strong competition among rivals. For Apple Inc. its patent may be its package engineering patents that are used as intangible assets. For most concerns, its information database isthe most valuable and invaluable trade goods it owns.

It is compulsory for an organisation to present alteration in its environment harmonizing to the market state of affairs. In the same scenario, if Apple Inc. fails to run into alterations of invention and selling, it may non merely have worst impact on the economic system of Apple Inc. but the traveling concern besides affects. If Apple Inc. fails to accomplish the invention demands in its merchandises so it will hold nil to work towards. Following issues may originate if Apple Inc fails to run into selling demands and invention in engineering points:

  • Entity shall non be able to last in market due to strong rivals
  • Low net incomes due to cut down grosss
  • Once a client is diverted to other entity, it is hard to convey him once more
  • Opportunities of economic growing will go low

Here is the practical illustration of Nokia. What happened to Nokia, Reason is: Apple and Android ruined it. But the grounds for that failure are a bit more cryptic. Historically, after all, Nokia had been a surprisingly adaptative company ; but switching to new epoch create job for its endurance.

Some of the grounds are given below by the suited research about their failure:

  • “They lost contact with their clients. ” True, — and interesting to detect that this is the same Nokia company that in the early 2000s was hand clapping to its client responses.
  • “ They failed to present the necessary engineering demands. ” This might be the important issue.
  • “ They did n’t acknowledge that competition footing was switching from the hardware to the ecosystem. ” Not truly true — the “ ecosystem ” conflict was initiated in the early 2000s, with Nokia fall ining forces with Motorola, and Ericsson to make Symbian as a technological platform that kept the Microsoft at bay.


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