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|| Market Research || Aarkstore Enterprise Pyrethroids Survey in China

Pyrethroids, a category of broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and low-toxicity insecticide, have witnessed a fast development in the past few years in China, and they have been playing an increasingly important role in the pest control on various crops in China, ranking the third place both by domestic consumption volume and market value in all the categories of insecticides in 2010. In China, there have been more than 50 pyrethroids produced and promoted as of the end of May 2011. Pyrethroids can offer substantial benefits to the modern agriculture, especially in the major emerging markets, the demand for low-cost solutions will remain strong.

Smartly mixed with new compounds and combined different modes of action, pyrethroids are very well suited for future pest control.

Pyrethroids Survey in China is CCMs first edition report on Chinese pyrethroids industry, finished in July 2011. This intelligence report attaches importance to the following parts:

? Update all the data related to pyrethroids industry from technical and formulations in China in the past years, including registration, supply, export, price, demand, etc.

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? Identify the leading players and emerging products of pyrethroids industry in China.
? Emphasize on demand volume and value of pyrethroids market in 2008-2010, as well as the consumption structure by crops.
? Figure out the development status and influencing factors including drivers and barriers.
? Forecast on pyrethroids from supply, export, price, demand volume and value in 2011-2015.
? Get a clear understanding of the future development trend, and identify Chinas position of pyrethroids industry from a global perspective.
? Explore commercial opportunities of pyrethroids industry in China under the context of the new global economy situation.

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? SWOT analysis of top 5 domestic pyrethroids players

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