Market mix Essay

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Market mix


Table of content

Identify key characteristics of the product.

Review pricing policy
Analyse the impact and importance

1. Promotional method
2. Channel of distribution
3. Level of customer service provided

Establish the components of the marketing mix.
Identify external environment factors
Identify consumer priorities
Assess the marketing mix


Braaap began with the vision of making motorcycling more enjoyable and more accessible, enabling more people to experience what we love about motorcycling. Plan from the beginning was to build a World-Class Motorcycle that could compete with the custom built American race bikes, whilst still being affordable to the masses. With a dream of building a niche motorcycle brand, braaap founder Brad Smith set out to find manufacturing partners that could build the ultimate motorcycle with him. As an eighteen year old kid with nothing to offer but a vision, he and an interpreter visited over 50 motorcycle manufacturing plants; one by one getting laughed out of their offices. Finally he found manufacturing partners that believed in his vision, believed in the brand. We now have what we believe is the best motorcycle range of its type in the world. We are the only motorcycle brand on the planet with a lifetime warranty, and we are the only production bike to win back to back world championships for our genre of the sport.


Braaap Motorcycles are the only Australian motorcycle company and the only dirt bike on the planet to offer a life time warranty and customised dirt bikes. With the option of over 1000 colour and sticker kit combinations there’s no wonder braaap are the category leader.

1. Braaap Pro 50cc

The braaap PRO 50cc Is the Ultimate Kids bike! Designed in Australia and Backed by Lifetime Warranty the braaap Pro 50cc is Loaded with safety features and top level specs including disk brakes, category leading suspension, restrict-able throttle and electric start.

2. Braaap Pro 88cc – Youth Edition

The kids 88cc braaap features all world class componentry as the adults 88cc but features a cut down seat to suit kids. The braaap 88cc is a perfect match for someone learning to ride, with a 4 speed semi centrifugal gear box this bike is packed with fun!

3. Braaap Street Superlite 125cc

The Street Superlite is an exciting addition to the Australian designed braaap range. With a mission to take everything braaap represents and bring it to your daily commute. The street legal braaap SS 125cc is a superlight street legal motorcycle suited for the daily commuter or weekend riding with a power to weight ratio make every ride awesome.

4. Braaap Pro Factory 190cc

The braaap Factory “RACE” Bike. Our “braaap factory 190cc” is the Ultimate Power house, race bread SUPERLITE machine. Featuring the Japanese Daytona Anima 190cc engine, French Frame, European Exhaust and Canadian Suspension the power to weight ratio will blow your mind! If you want to go fast and roost ya mates this is the bike for you.

Marketing mix

The largest moto fashion retrailer in AUS is the slogan of Braaap. The market mix strategies used at Braaap to become a successful company in business of dirt bike, pit bike and mini bike. Pricing, Promotion, Products, Channels of distribution and Customer Serviced are the key ingredients at Braaap. Pit bike, Dirt Bike, Mini Bike and their parts and accessories are available to shop online and in store. Braaap offers their own brand name bike or other major brands including: ProTaper, Renthal, Daytona, Elka and Castrol. Braaap refers their bike as the best dirt bike of its type in the world. It is assembled by Braaap’s mechanics base in Australia. There are 4 superstores branches around Australia. Not only bikes are the products at Braaap, other fashion accessories are the main products too. Action sports equipments, for example, helmets, riding gear, T-shirt, shoes, jeans and spare parts of bikes are available to shop.

Pricing Policy and Customers Pricing

At Braaap, the price of products is various. For the price of accessories and spare parts is divided into 4 ranges

* $0 – $24.99 * $25 – $49.99
* $50 – $249.99
* and over $250


The main objective of the organisation is to make their products affordable for people for this reason, Braaap also offers the payment plan for those who cannot afford a bike with $3 a day for a bike. The law of demands is often referred as Consumer wants to buy more of a product at a low price and less of a product at a high price. This inversion of demand and price shows that the higher price of products the less willing to buy. However, there are amount of people who purchase a higher price product because they believe a product is better in quality. At Braaap, they offer the products to attach customers at different level. The main customer of Braaap is a young-adult who has a passion in this sport.

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