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Market Discussion

The practice of selling old, damaged, recycled, obsolete or illegal products in markets outside of the US or Europe would present minimal problems in the global economy if managed correctly. The marketability and usability of each classification of products must first be determined. Definitions of a category may be different in various markets. Old product that is for human consumption may not be something a company would want to export. Quallity of product for human consumtion should not be minimized dependant on market.

Damaged product may be highly marketable if damage is “scratch and dent” style damage only. A piece of furniture scratched may not sell well in a store in London or New York – but may sell quickly in Ghana or Kenya. Obsolete is a broad definition. The United States is going to a new style of television transmission this year. This will effectively make older televisions in the stores obsolete and difficult to sell. However these televisions may still be high quality and not obsolete in other markets.

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Powedered laundry detergent designed for use in hand washing laundry

may be obsolete in a market where 90% of all washing is done by machine. Yet in a market where washing machines are rare – that powdered detergent may be perfect. Recycled products are sold worldwide and sought after over non recycled products by some consumers. The company will need to identify the market for the product to determine if it is something that would sell outside of the US or Europe. There is no standard answer to the question that will fit each type of product.

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Exporting these types of products works in a global economy – after a market for the product has been identified.

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