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Mark Twain Test

What is Mark Twain’s real name?
Samuel Langhorne Clemons

How are Twain and Tom Sawyer alike?
They are both a romantic, embellisher, a troublemaker, a trickster,and was always getting into fights

Why did Twain leave school around age 12?
His dad died so he had to work and earn money to help his family

What was his first job?
A printer’s apprentice

What was his job at age 22?
A steamboat man

What put Twain out of a job in 1961? Why?
The civil war took place over slavery. The war went to the waterways and the soldiers needed the boats for war.

Where did Twain go to avoid war?
He went out West to the Nevada Territory

What business did he take up West?
He mined gold since the gold tush was going on

Where did his pen name come from?
The Mississippi because on the steamboat someone would yell out Mark Twain when the water was safe.

What story gave Mark Twain his fame?
Jim Smiley and his jumping frog

Why did Twain move to San Francisco?
He got challenged a duel and found out that the person has really good accuracy so he ran away?

Which group of people did Twain defend in the San Francisco newspapers?
the Chinese

By what name are the Sandwich Islands today?

What did Olivia Langdon’s parents demand from Twain before they would allow him to marry their daughter? Why?
Character references because of social class differences

What was Twain’s fist best selling novel?
The Innocent’s Abroad

Where did Twain and his wife build their home?
Hartford, Connecticut

Which president did Twain help to write his memoirs?
Ulysses S. Grant

What was Twain’s view of slavery as a child?
He thought that there was nothing wrong with it because he wasn’t raised that way

Which of Twain’s daughter’s understood him best?

How did Twain plan to repay his debts?
The Around the World Lecture Tour

What bad news did Twain get while he was away on his world tour?
Susie died of meningitis at age 24

What University gave Twain an honorary degree?
Oxford University

Who were Twain’s “angelfish”?
young girls that are from age 10-16 that he’d meet on boats

In what year dud Twain die?

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