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Mark Twain Notes

How long did Mark Twain live?
75 years

Mark Twain was the first modern __________.

Mark Twain’s real name was?
Samuel Langham Clemens

Where was Mark Twain born?
Hannibal, Missouri

At what age did Twain leave school?

Why did Twain leave school?
to become a printing press

What was Twain’s dream (that he achieved at age 22)?
become a steamboat man

What did Twain do during the Civil War
apart of a pack of volunteers but soon fled

While living in Virginia City, Nevada, Clemens got a job at the Virginia City Enterprise as a

What was the date that the pen name Mark Twain first appeared in print?
April 3 1863

Other pen names used by Twain?
Josh, Thomas, Jefferson

Theories as to how the pen name Twain originated?
sailor story, western saloons

Twain went to Sandwich Islands, aka Hawaii as a reporter. This lead to his famous:
Sandwich Island Lecture

What are some of the outlandish things that Twain put on the poster he used to advertise his lectures?
promised there would be fireworks and wild animals

What is Twain’s wife’s name?

What did Twain & his wife do on their first date?
went to a reading of David Copperfield

Twain’s first best selling book was
The innocence Abroad

How did Twain help Ulysses S. Grant
published his memoir

When was Huck Finn published

How many daughters did Twain have

At 60 years old, Twain embarked on a world ________ tour to try and get himself out of debt

While on tour, Twain heard his daughter Susie what?
died of meningitis

What year did Twain’s wife die?

Twain received an honorary degree from what University

When did Twain begin wearing his trademark white suits?

When did Twain die?

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