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Mark Twain Bio

What quote Of Twain’s did President Truman keep on his desk?
“Always do right. This will gratify some and astonish the rest.”

What was his trademark clothing?
White suit

What city did he grow up in?
Hannibal, Missouri

What kind of childhood did he have?
Poor but happy, after the age of 11 he had no formal education

When Twain was 12, he lost his father. What job did he take to support his family?
a printer’s apprentice

In 1857 what city did he visit and love?
New orleans

At age 22, what proffesion did he engage in? what was he good at?
Steamboat pilot, yes

What was his involvment in the civil war?
Volunteer brigade/ stole farmer’s pigs/skinny dipped/ no desire to fight for either side

Why did Twain move to the Territory of Nevada in 1861?
`His brother helped lincoln get elected. in return twain helped his bro get a governement job west

what did he do while his business partners mined?
spinning yards in saloons (telling stories)

Name other pseudonyms he used
grumbler, rambler, josh, john snooks, Thomas Jefferson Snoodgrass

What did the pseudonym MArk Twain mean? What did he later say it meant? Why did he possibly change it?
Mark twain measure the depth of the river at 12 foot (2 fathoms)/ MArk two drinks on my tab/bill. He didnt want a bad reputauion

What did he write that caused a stir in the Territorial Enterprise
a man who kills his family and rides through the town with his throat cut

What did he think people wanted to read?
Gory (gory means violence) things, people like to be fooled

When in San fransisco, who did twain defend
Chinese immigrants

In Hawaii, why did he sit on the clothes of naked girls?
So they wouldnt be stolen

how does he meet his future wife, olivia langdon
Charles langdon (her bro) introduces them. he met Charles on the steamboat Quaker City

How many letters did he write over a two year period?
over 200

What did her parents demand?
Character references

What did he think of Europe? What did he find all over?
Thought it was silly / nails that crucified Christ

What was the guilded age
government corruption, greed, search for material possession (gold rush)

What is ironic about twains criticism of this age
Mark twain sought material possessions and wealth. He endorsed producta.

what invention was Twain the first to have?
first private telephone

What did he invent?
self-pasting scrapbook

What products did he endorse?
cigars,sewing machines, cough syrup

How did he help a defeated and dying Ulysses s.
helped him write his memories

what is huck finn about?
huck finn speaks out against slavery as he helps the slave Jim escape

how does huck feel on the river
free but lonely

what could dinner guests expect at the twain household
to be entertained, 20 minute monologue

What investment did he make that caused him to go bankrupt
page type setter

what bad news does he receive after a popular world tour?
susie, his daughter that most understood him died of menanjitis

what honorary degree did he receive in 1907?
oxford university doctorate degree

at the turn of the century how did people feel about twain?
imensely popular,at the peak of his fame

What did he wear to his daughter’s wedding? why?
His graduation gown from oxford/ he was proud

Who were the angelfish? Why were they important to Twain?
the 10-16 year old girls he spent time with/ they reminded him of Susie

When he died, what kind of man did America lose?
a man of optimism/ a man who never gave up

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