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Mark Twain A & E biography

Ernest Hemingway said all modern American literature comes from one book
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn

List at least three of the jobs for occupation Mark Twain had in his lifetime
soldier boat pilot reporter

how long did Mark Twain live
18 35-1910 (75 years)

Mark Twain was the first modern

Mark Twain’s real name was ________________ and he was born in a small river boating town on the West Bank of the Mississippi river called the Hannibal in the state of_________________
Samual longhorn Clemens, Mississippi

at what age did Samuel Clemens leave school

for what reason did he have to leave school
he needed to support his family after his father died

what was Samuel Clemens boyhood dream that was realize that age 22
steam boat captain

what did Samuel Clemens do during the Civil War

while he was living in Virginia City Nevada Clemens got a job at the Virginia City enterprise as a

what was the date that the pen name Mark Twain first. In print

give at least three of the other pet names use my Mark Tuan
rumble, rambler surgeon, fathom

what are some of the theories about the origin of the pen name Mark Tuan
April 3 – derive from the Mississippi man I tested the water dead people thought it was a lie to hide it’s true meaning

Twain went to the sandwich islands now known _________________________as as a roving reporter his experiences there provided the material for a board new location for twain was a _______________
Hawaii, performer/speaker

what are some of the outlandish things that twain put on the posters he used to advertise his lectures
promised fireworks and animals he over exaggerated the advertisement

what is the name of Mark Tuan’s wife
Olivia Langden

how did they meet one another
through Olivia’s brother

what did they do on their first date
Reading by Charles Dickinson

The title of Mark Twain’s first best-selling book was
The adventures of Tom Sawyer

in what way did Mark Tuan help Ulysses S. Grant
it helped grant by completing his memoir before grant died which helped grants family

using what you know about Mark Tuan’s background explain the irony of Mark Twain hoping Ulysses S. Grant

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published in

List some of things that Huckfinn has overcome to make a decision by his heart told him it was right
Government, family, peers, values of society

how many daughters and Mark Tuan and his wife Olivia have

at 60 years old twain embark on a world ___________ tour to try to get himself out of debt

well on his tour twain received word that his daughter _____________ had died of meningitis

Olivia died in

in 1907 Mark Tuan received an honorary degree from ______________ University

when did Mark Twain begin dressing exclusively and his trademark white suit

Who were twains angelfish explain
girls 10 to 16 he made on boats grandkids he never had

when did Mark Tuan die

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