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Mark twain

Mark twain’s real name
Samuel climons
Place twain grew up
At age 12 he left school and became what
Printers apprentice
At 22 he was able to fulfill his boyhood dream of becoming what
Steamboat man (most ind. man on earth)
Clemons lost his job bc of what war
Civil war
He joined the confederacy but quickly disbanded when what soldiers came near
Clemons went to what territory to avoid war
What did Clemons take up with his friends
He made money as what
What date was mark twain first used as a pen name
April of 1863
What is another pen name he used
Twain claimed that his name came from men on the river that would call out mark twain to signal that the river was what
2 fathoms deep or 12 ft
Others say mark twain came from his time in saloons when he’d ask them to mark what
Two drinks on his tAb so mark twain
In 1865 what comic story was published was published around the country
Jim smiley and his jumping frog
After escaping from a duel twain went where
San Francisco
In San Francisco he wrote about the mistreatment of whom
The chinese
To avoid reprisals from cops he went to what islands now known as Hawaii
Sanwich islands
Upon his return from islands he started a new vocation as what that told about his trip
Platform lectures
On a cruise who did he meet that showed a picture of his future wife Olivia
Charles Langdon
On the first date w Olivia he took her to see a reading of David copperfield by
Charles dickens
Twain couldn’t find anybody that could speak well of him to Olivia’s family so who finally did?
Jarvis Langdon
What was Olivia’s nickname that she gave twain
Twain’s first best selling book was a Bunch of stories from his journey on the Quaker steam boats and it was called
The innocents abroad
With what book did twain depict an era filled with money list and govt corruption
The gilded age
What invention did twain take great pride in having the first one in America
The telephone
Twain marketed his name what was one of the products
The mark twain cigar
Twain convinced what president to let him write his memoirs so he could make money for his family
He finished the day how close to grants death
4 days before
When was huck Finn published
What river do the two outcasts in huck Finn venture?
What daughter did twain have a close connection with
Where did twain’s work and family life come together
Quarry farm
Twain embarked on this so he could pay off his debts from bad investments
Lecture tour
Who had fallen ill while twain and Olivia were out on the tour and died days before they returned
When did twain lose his wife
By 1900 twain was very known and was showered with gifts like an honorary degree from where in 1907
Oxford university
Whosever she was there was
Which King and queen payed tribute to twain
What was the name of the group of girls that he was friends w in his old age
Angel fish
He said the angel fish were the what I’ve never had
When did twain die
What publishing method was used to sell the innocents abroad that made agents take books door to door and this tapped the market of ppl who never read the book b4
Substriction publishing

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