Mark Strauss' Book Jesus Behaving Badly

Throughout the book, Jesus Behaving Badly by means of Mark Strauss, he goes through a lot of characteristics the place it appears like Jesus should be criminalized and despised as a substitute be anybody that is appeared up to and worshiped. He argues that Jesus was once judgmental, provocative, aggressive, racist, anti-environmental, indignant and he also pronounces that Jesus used to be just a  prophet and no longer the Son of God.

In doing so, Strauss takes many passages from the bible in which he tries to show his point that Jesus was behaving badly.

We see Jesus as morally and spiritually perfect, but with traits such as racism and prejudicism than it can simply throw Jesus character into question. This book has the potential to have religious Christians asking themselves Who is the God that I praise?.

This paper will talk about Strauss views of Jesus being racist, angry, judgmental, and if Jesus is a failed prophet and if he is a resurrected Lord.

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In chapter 1 of Jesus Behaving Badly, Mark Strauss addresses the issue of the appreciation that anyone has of Jesus and how it has modified to match in with our culture.

What I located Strauss announcing is a bunch of remarks to why Jesus is now not the man we view him as. Quite frankly, I located what he was announcing to be sort of an eye opener but at the identical time it is very tough to consider his message due to the fact it is almost to the factor the place his is bashing Jesus.

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I without a doubt agree with him on the notion that anyone one from Christians to Muslims to even atheist all like Jesus. From this announcement forward he then goes to exhibit why all these  eoples view of Jesus might also in fact be not so accurate. Strauss starts off with a query that brings an assumption that Jesus had to have executed some awful things to be executed in perhaps the most inhumane manner ever devised (Pg. 11).

Personally, I do not like this assumption that Jesus was once done for actions that are seen as questionable. Furthermore, Strauss then uses Albert Schweitzer and his writings that talk about that the picture of Jesus was modified by rationalistic scholars into a gentleman and philanthropist (Pg. 12). Strauss compares this scenario that took place in the 19 th century to todays society. He says that we make Jesus seem like a Santa Clause or a mans man. This is not entirely true. While I do accept as true.

Williams with that we have an altered view of Jesus to make him seem perfect, I do not agree with Strauss on his thoughts of how we exchange our understanding of Jesus. People in todays society do view Jesus in a very wonderful light, however being honest, I suppose this light is nicely deserved and perhaps it is now not such a terrible component that Strauss makes it to seem. In conclusion, Strauss does put into standpoint that society has a view of Jesus that does not totally reflect who he is, but he makes it seem greater dramatized than it certainly is.


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