Maritime Skyscraper of the Future Essay

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Maritime Skyscraper of the Future

It was 1993 when a new beginning had begun. A new chapter in the seafaring industry unfolds and arouse. It was the time the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) made its hallmark on the maritime world.

Towering over Pasay City, the noticeable lighthouse architecture had caught myriads of attention. For a fact, lighthouses are known as a means of guide to sailors so they`ll never get lost through vast ocean. Founder and father of AIMS Capt. Lino Paterno Paderangga once said, “We can never change the direction of the wind but as one family we can always adjust our sails to reach the port of our destination”, words of wisdom that had touch the hearts of neophytes like me. Proving this, the Institute equips future seafarers the best Maritime Education they deserve whether in the field of Marine Transportation or Engineering. Achievement Integrity Mastery and Service. You will never be lost with AIMS. Over a period of time the Asian Institute of Maritime Studies had proven it`s worth. Both local and international arena.

Everything is changing except change. Starting from its very humble beginnings, AIMS has sailed the borderline of success and accomplishments. Assuring its entire passenger a bright journey towards attaining their goals in life.

Better among the Best
“I think Aims will be one of the top and leading Maritime school in Manila for Maritime University status.”
* C/M Rufo Gene Dolar
(Dean MC College)
Forward march! Yes you got it right. AIMS Maritime College (MC) is up with a bang for 2012 and years to come.

Earlier this year new infrastructures were built and still being build namely; an additional deck/floor on the MMCP dormitory to accommodate more students, a soon to be constructed 12 storey building located at the former site of M/V Buffalo and a plan to put up a new Buffalo house (ME LABORATORY) at Annex. A definitely blazing start for this year of the Dragon. Another high point for AIMS is the brand new simulators, which by sometime this semester will be ready for use.

Such superb innovations are superfluous for the whole academic phase of Maritime students. Business attire Friday is also being considered, wherein MC students are required to dress-up in suits to get used to and prepare us for job interviews that may come. Configurations are also being constituted on the curriculum since the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is imposing a new subject of study, said the respected Maritime College Dean C/M Rufo Gene Dolar. It was also in an interview with him that he mentioned the above stated excerpt. He envisages AIMS not only an ace in this industry but also a chief producer of hirable recruits. Great improvements and development of curriculum plus the

Asking what`s new and what`s not for AIMS are no longer the question. What`s new? We are transpiring to greater progress and improvements. What`s not? The Institute is still at its finest. With this in hand we can proudly say “we are better among the best.”

Alma Mater Legacy

Through the years, the Asian Institute Of Maritime Studies has excelled in every aspect be it sports, academics or out of campus activities and competitions. In every way we have been successful in what we aim to become – that is to be an institution based on Morals, Values and foremost producer of highly competitive Seafarers. Ever since AIMS was founded, we as Aimsians have always sought to make a name for ourselves and to bring glory to our Alma Mater.

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