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Marital status Essay

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Marital status

Q : I’l like some personal information first Mr. Wee. Do you mind telling me your age? A : Thank you for the opportunity and it is a great privilege to attend interview session. Have just entered 49th year giving a caution that it is time for another elevation in employment as the ageing process has just begun and it must work advantageously to derive further benefits both in terms of work which has a great experience in the past in profession and in building personal reputation as a designer.

Began fashion designing career as a fresh diploma holder at the age of 23 and several phases of work have molded me into a professional fashion designer providing with both easy and complex formulas of work leaving a lasting experiences in fashion designing. So far, there were no regrets for choosing this career whereas have received much encouragement and cooperation from the place of work both from subordinates as well as from senior management and feel proud of being a part of this industry. Q: And are you a Malaysia citizen?

A: Correct. In Asia, Malaysia has a great significance for its efficiency in airlines promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination all around the world. Malaysians are different in culture, life style and in choosing garments. Malaysian young men and women look beautiful and even attend beauty pageants at international level. Malaysian cuisine is specially flavored and particularly maintains usage of ancient herbs and practices some of the best methods of modernized cooking system which is liked by tourists.

Garments designing is also very special such that a Malaysian can be identified with the kind of dressing one wears and sometimes even in speech. Malaysians are cordial and mannered and extend warm behavior in work environment. Q: And could you tell me your marital status, please? A: Married to an educated and a beautiful woman working in a Hyatt international as catering manager. My wife name is Micheele Yeoh who is a good manager and a good wife apart from being a very nice human being that she agreed to adopt an infant orphan boy at the age of one month in the year 1990.

We have named the boy as Wu Zong and as couple since then, leading a happy marital life with Wu Zong who is now 17 yrs old and studying in junior medicine. As husband and wife, respect each other values and discipline and keep the marriage relation intact without giving rise to differences of opinion. In other words, have developed a perfect understanding about each other and it is going well in spite of the fact that, we could not become parents of our own children. Q: That’s fine. And what about your personal interests?

A: After choosing fashion designing as a career, this has become round the clock personal interest checking and looking for new styles, patterns wherever traveled and even in leisure hours draw sketches and work out on new fabrics. Apart from this, cooking along with my wife, has been one of the good interest that holds our relation together and also provides entertainment of new experiments in kitchen chemistry. Leisure hours include gardening work, reading magazines and watching television fashion show channel where lots of international fashion designers display a set of modeled dresses on a catwalk.

Q: And do you mind telling me what languages you speak? A: English and French have been favorites for working atmosphere and even when visiting some of the western destinations for handling projects on behalf of company. Have gained proficiency in English and French although, pronunciation identifies me as a Malaysian. Most of family friends and colleagues are French and English speaking who extended a warm friendship in providing lots of practice of speaking and writing English and French way back in 1990s and in the course of time presently, find English and French much easier as compared to any other foreign language.

Cantonese is spoken in Southern China and this language is confined to only to some parts of Asia, so as a home language speaking Cantonese is also an advantage as it is mostly commonly spoken in China, Hong Kong and Central Guangdong. 2. Q: Now could you tell me what secondary school you went to Mr. Wee? A: St. Francies Xavier at Melaka is one of the best schools for secondary education wherein had the privilege to study some of the best subjects and languages which have helped in establishment of career as fashion designer.

School imparted and exercised discipline and shaping students character as one of the finest individuals reflecting in school’s reputation. Feel proud to be an ex-student of the school and have joined my son also in the same school who has also successfully completed education. School atmosphere is very lively and keeps the students under warmth and reciprocal nature. Q: Did you? And when did you sit for your SPM? A: Obtained Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)certificate in the year 1976. SPM exam is taken at the age of 17 by most of the Malaysians.

This exam is equivalent to British GCSE exam which will an opportunity for Malaysians to continue studies up to pre-university level. The subjects of SPM are to be appeared compulsorily and English paper is examined separately by National Examination Board. There were no extra tuitions for preparation of SPM and it was entirely self-made learning apart from school education. Q :Do you mind telling me your grades? A :Grades in school and in college education have been moderate ranging from A and B with a percentage of 60-69 gladly and there are no backlogs or failures in any subject.

A constant scoring has been maintained all through the tenure of education. Q Fine. And what about your STPM examinations? What were your grades for these? A: Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) is a higher school certificate is set by Malaysian Examinations Council which is taken at the end of Form 6 and one of the most difficult pre-university examination. The subjects included were mathematics, general paper, art, biology, physics and chemistry. The overall grade awarded to me was B at the end of examination which was satisfactory giving a marks percentage of 60. In the year 1977 obtained certificate of STPM.

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