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Marissa Nunez

1.Marissa Nunez had been working for two years at McDonald’s when she wrote “Climbing the Golden Arches”. This experience had many effects on her. For example; she learned many things like you have to start from the bottom to work your way up to the top. She learned this because from working at McDonald’s, there are many things that need to be done. Sometimes, you have to fill in for someone, even if that isn’t your position so it is best to know all of the jobs at the business .

2.Marissa found many work experiences to be useful for situations in the future. For example; many customers can be very rude and mean. One customer called her a name, and told her to mind her own business when all Marissa was trying to do was help her.

Even though the customer called her a bad name and was giving her trouble, she kept quiet and got the manager to deal with the situation. If she said something to the customer, she would have gotten into trouble. This shows that she knows how to handle situations and sometimes it is best to keep your mouth closed because its not worth losing your job over.

3.By working at McDonald’s, Marissa hopes to become a manager at McDonald’s. To achieve this goal, Marissa plans on continuing to attend the class that is required. In this class she gets observed on how well she deals with customers, and then gets a grade on how well she does. Marissa also has to take an exam to become a manager. By doing all of these things, Marissa can achieve her goal of being manager.

Words and Figures of Speech:
1.Marissa puts “battle of the sexes” in quotation marks because it is the name of a game.

2.In connection with restaurant work, the word station means a part of the restaurant. For example; in the reading a station is the grill, then the cash register.

3.The word “Arches” in the essay title, means that someone’s career goals have many ups and downs leading to the goal but you have to work through it to be successful. “Golden” means the good things that happen while you’re working your way up to the top to your goal.

4.In this essay, Marissa defines “fun” as the store being closed for remodeling, and the grand opening was about to happen. Another example of “fun” to Marissa was having a “battle of the sexes” at work. This shows that she really loves work, and the people that she works with.

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