Marine Corps Recruit Training: A Look Back Essay

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Marine Corps Recruit Training: A Look Back

My life has always been geared towards success. At a young age, I found the inclination to be of service to people. I remember playing soldier games with friends and cousins and feeling as if it were real. In so doing, I decided that I should go on and enter the service after high school. The anticipation of being of service to my countrymen was something that I have always had in me. In so doing, the decision to enter the service was definitely one of the best I have done in my life so far. Like any other military department, we all had to start from scratch.

I had to undergo the basic training for newly accepted candidates. This was a good way to prepare newly recruited trainees to become ready for the difficulties and trials faced by soldiers in combat. This was the life that I wanted, and regardless of all difficulties, I was ready to learn. I could still remember the first day of training in the boot camp. We were all asked to stand in attention and fall in line. As the new trainees for 2007, our commander explained the difficulty that we would experience as we approached the final day of training.

To start off with, the commander and his inferiors removed the caps worn by my colleagues. Afterwards, he explained that the hair of those who entered the military camps would have to be uniformed. In so doing, all those who had long hair would be shaved accordingly. There were no reasons to be given, and no exceptions. From this moment on, I felt that I entered the stage of my life that would change my whole being. Through my actions, I would be able to be of service to those who were in need, and at the same time make my country proud. However, these would only become possible if I fulfill all of the tasks deemed from me.

After our assembly, all new recruits were separated into groups called battalions. Each battalion consisted of four companies each, which was all assigned specific names. All throughout the course of the training, we were expected to perform our duties and responsibilities with out specific companies. From my perspective, these companies were considered to be a sort of group or class, where we had to fulfill all of the requirements deemed from us. Each training day was spent with hard work and dedication from each of the recruits. However, it was evident that much of the platoons felt competition with each other.

I considered this to be a positive action for we were able to prove our willingness to provide good things. However, there were times when our superiors used harsh voice towards us. Sometimes, the kind of work we provided were criticized by our superiors making us question our abilities to perform well. I must say that I turned out to be stronger and tougher with the events in my life. My experiences in the boot camp also served as my driving force to work harder and become a member of the Marines. What was more difficult for us, recruits, was the fact that we had to survive the hardships entailed from us.

Since the competitions for all platoons were heightened as each day passed, the friction between peers also tightened. There were times when fights were initiated by platoons, proving to everyone else who was tougher. In addition to this, I also bore witness to the loneliness experienced inside. As trainees, we were given a glimpse of what our lives would be if we continued on with our service in the marines. We were separated from our families and loved ones, for the whole duration of the training. This made it more difficult for us, for we were isolated accordingly.

In our own way, we had to compensate our loneliness and longing by doing something else. There were those who compromised by having tattoos placed in different parts of their body, which served as a symbolism of some sort. For the most part, these tattoos also served as a pact for others. Boot camps became a way for brotherhoods to be formed so that they may be able to compensate for the loneliness felt. However, these brotherhoods were also dangerous for many because these were sometimes used in dealing with friction and competition among platoons.

Boot camp served as a way for me to learn more about myself and my capabilities. I must say that the training was not as easy as it may seem. Although I had prepared myself physically and emotionally for the tasks that may be assigned to me, there were still some hesitations from my end. The world I lived inside the camp was different from what I lived in outside the camp. Inside the camp, I had to do things on my own. Everything I did was based on what was ordered by my superiors and not what I wanted to do. The discipline that was inculcated in our minds by the Marines was something to be considered.

With our young minds, we were tasked to grow up and become mature individuals. The boot camp was a torture for those who could not keep up with the requirements deemed from future marines. As part of the Marines, each one of us was required to perform accordingly, especially in terms of our physical trainings. Some of these trainings became very difficult for us. Most of the time, we experienced body pains that may be attributed to the excessive trainings expected from us. Another important part of the training was our qualification in swimming. As Marines, we were expected to be physically fit and mentally alert.

Furthermore, we were also expected to become effective swimmers, so that we may be able to handle the difficulties experienced on board. We had to become disciplined enough and stand for our own actions. Our mothers and other guardians were not there to wake up everyday. We had to do things on our own and learn to become independent form the rest of the world. Furthermore, each wrong action committed by each had a corresponding punishment/consequence. Much importance was also given to the more details of the training. There were instances when we were exposed to a garrison environment, making us more prepared for what was ahead of us.

In this manner, we were given an opportunity to visualize what the real world would be. In so doing, we would be able to plan on our own tactics to be used in combat. Afterwards, the different techniques we would incorporate may also become helpful for our colleagues. I must say that I felt much difficulty while inside the camp. There were times when I questioned my capability to become a great member of the Marines, but were all written off by my perseverance in life. However, I must say that I was able to mature and become a responsible individual through the difficulties I experienced.

Through my hard work and dedication in this profession, I would be able to prove that marines have what it takes to make it big in this world. Being a good person is not something that could be learned overnight. In my own opinion, anyone could become a leader if we just put our heart and soul into things. Being of service to people in need and our country would become difficult to achieve, but anything is possible. I must say that the kind of training provided to me by the Marine Corps was something I would hold forever. Life is short, and we should all learn to live ours to the fullest.

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