Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn monroe
United States film actress noted for sex appeal (1926-1962)

when was she born? when did she die?
she was born on june 1, 1926
she died on August 5, 1962

where was she born?
Los Angeles, California

What is her nationality?

What was her occupation?
movie actress, singer, sex symbol

What is her real name?
Norma Jeane Mortenson

which movie were the most successful ?
the seven year itch, Niagara, The misfits, Bus Stop.

How did her career start?
Se began modeling for pinups around 1946

How many husbands did she have?
James Dougherty (m. 1942-1946) (divorced)
Joe DiMaggio (m. 1954-1954) (divorced)
Arthur Miller (m. 1956-1961) (divorced)

how did she die?
Marilyn Monroe Cause of death is Suicide, Drug overdose, Barbiturate.

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