Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized in the United States

In my opinion marijuana should not be legalized, l have four basic reasons as to why this should not happen, My first reason for not haVIng pot legalized is that the natural way of man is for us to want what we cannot have. if pot becomes legal people who now smoke pot Will no longer want to smoke pot because they already can. Pot smokers will become satisfied with that small high of pot and it Will take more pot to get the high they had and Will end up paying smaller amounts of money for small amounts of cocaine to get that high.

Most people that smoke pot are searching for that high that they got the very first time they smoked. The high they got the first time does not happen again unless they move on to some other kind of drug. Legaliztng marijuana would cause this matural process of most pot smokers to go through everyone who tried it because of it becoming legal.

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People that would not have tried it because it was illegal will have that desire to try it because everyone else is and its allowedt My second reason is because more people Will go on welfare. People who are not already smoking pot will start and stop wanting to work, People who smoke pot‘s drive to make themselves better Will deminish because pot takes away the excitement and emotion in your life and causes you to have one constant mood. My third reason is because they Will have to put restrictions on people who smoke pot and drive just as they do With people who drink and drive.

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People who get caught drinking and driving. People who get caught drinking and driving can take a breathalizer test and be caught but unless your caught in the act of smoking pot you cannot be caught. The police would be forced to check people‘s pupil reaction and that can vary from person to person, If the police took blood it would obVIously Show pot in their system but they would not be able to tell how long it has been.

The police could also say that they could smell the pot but if that person were to smoke a cigerette or spray something on them it would be difficult to smell the marijuana, Without a way to properly tell if people were high Will driving there could be mass fatalities, My final reason that marijuana should not be legalized is because if it became legal the government would stop all local growers and grrow only in government specified places. If this Were to happen the government would make the effectiveness of pot much less than it is noW and raise the prices tremendously. People Would have to be put on welfare to support their need to be high. It would be cost much more money for small amounts of pot. These are my main reasons Why marijuana should not be legalized.

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