Marijuana Legalization Speech Essay

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Marijuana Legalization Speech

Politicians and the media want the public, to believe that marijuana is a ”gateway drug” that leads to more dangerous drugs. Although, marijuana is non-lethal and is safer than alcohol. It is an established scientific fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans; overdose is nearly impossible, and it is not nearly as addictive as alcohol or tobacco. In fact, it is more likely to become addicted to coffee than it is to this drug. Politics and media are very successful in convincing us that marijuana is not a safe drug.

They do this by exaggerating it’s negative side effects and instead of giving proven facts, they use words like ‘may’ or ‘should’ or ‘sometimes’. Some of the things that we know about marijuana are not even true to begin with like the ‘fact’ that it causes brain damage and kills brain cells. This came from an experiment that was conducted in 1974 called the “Dr. Heath/Tulane Study. ” Researchers used monkeys as subjects, and determined brain damage by counting the amount of dead brain cells after being pumped with thirty joints a day for ninety days.

They then compared the results to the monkeys that were receiving no treatment. The study became the foundation of the government and other special interest groups. They claimed that marijuana kills brain cells. Here’s what they didn’t tell you: instead of administering thirty joints a day, Dr. Heath used a method of pumping sixty three Columbian strength joints through a gas mask within five minutes over three months. So what they did was suffocate the monkeys, and this is what caused the brain cells to die. Except, his methods weren’t revealed until six years after the study.

By that time, the claim was already well-established. In 2005, a new study was conducted which suggested that marijuana might actually stimulate brain cell growth. Unfortunately, that study hasn’t received the same attention. Think about it, have you ever read an article in a newspaper or magazine about the positive effects of marijuana? I didn’t think so, but marijuana does in reality have tons. For example, marijuana decreases muscle spasms, relieves eye pressure, nausea, and chronic pain, stops convulsions, enhances sleep, and stimulates appetite.

It also has very healthy effects, and could be very useful in the treatment of cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, AIDS/HIV, anxiety and panic attacks, Parkinson’s, and sexual dysfunction. Also, marijuana floods the brain with dopamine which causes feelings and hearing to be sharper, jokes to be funnier, sex to be more sensual, colors to be brighter, and music to be more beautiful. Is it any wonder that 14. 6 million Americans smoke pot on a regular basis, and over 69 million people over the age of twelve have smoked it at least once?

There is absolutely no point in having marijuana be illegal because prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of the drug. The government has tried to use penalties to prevent use and production for the past seventy five years, and still has not succeeded. Cannabis is currently our country’s largest cash crop, and the fantasy that one day this one day, it will disappear just doesn’t make sense. Legalization of marijuana would also shrink the number of arrests due to possession which are causing our prisons to be overcrowded, and our citizens to be taxed.

It would also help our law enforcement to focus more on actual crimes such as murders and rapes. A regulated and legal market in marijuana would reduce illegal sales and use among teenagers because it wouldn’t be as valuable, and would no longer be a source of easy money to them. Cannabis is produced in countries all over the world, and the United States is the #1 consumer, this makes it extremely profitable for foreign cultivations to smuggle drugs to us. Legalization would help reduce the flow of money from the American economy to international criminal gangs and help end drug wars.

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