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Marijuana Legality in The United States

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With the increasing popularity of marijuana, and other marijuana products, legalizing the drug is beneficial to the United States.

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Legalizing marijuana will allow states and small municipalities to tax these products and benefit its citizens. Since marijuana will be legal to produce, large farms and manufacturing plants will open to supply the demand. Doing this opens jobs for many Americans and immigrants. By allowing production in the United States, large drug cartels will become obsolete as they are not needed to produce and distribute marijuana.

States and Municipalities will gain money from taxing weed products. This money will help improve situations in school systems that require extra funding. In a survey done by Gallup, about 38% of Americans have tried the drug(Swift 88). Americans have shown interest in using the drug and buying. Legalizing the drug allows States to use the popularity to the benefit of its citizens.

Decriminalizing and legalizing weed will open job opportunities for many unemployed Americans. Many companies who wish to produce weed will be able to do so in the United States. The United States will be the second country in the world to legalize the sale and cultivation of marijuana giving the united states the ability to regulate the trade of the product among countries. Decriminalizing weed disrupts the drug trade from Mexico and some South American countries. This will cut down on the need for border patrol and a decrease in arrests.

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