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Marcus Tullius Cicero Quiz Essay

Essay Topic:

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Novus homo meaning
New man

From the ____ class

Born in ___ BC in ___
106, Arpinum

Arpinum granted Roman citizenship only ___ years before his birth

Marius also a ___ ____ from ____
novus homo, Arpinum

Father wants him to be ____ so moves family to ___ in ___ BC
educated, Rome, 98

Tutored by ___ _____
Mucius Scaevola

Becomes ____

First case in ___ BC involves ___/____ charge against ___ ___
80, parricide/patricide, Sextus Roscius

Breakdown of Cicero’s first case:
Greek freedman named ____, close associate of ____ (really rich and powerful guy), along with two of Roscius’s cousins had the father killed because he was ____.

If Roscius was convicted he couldn’t inherit ____ under Roman law and ___ would get the money. ___ wins but in the process makes two powerful enemies: ____ and ___

Chrysogonus, Sulla, rich, estate, cousins, Cicero, Chrysogonus, Sulla

To escape ___, Cicero goes to ___ for 2 years and studies with famous ____ ___ ___
Sulla, Greece, Molo of Rhodes

In Greece, he meets lifelong friend ___

____ the slave/scribe of Atticus kept copies of ____ between Cicero and Atticus
Tiro, letters

When ___ dies, Cicero returns to ___
Sulla, Rome

At 29 he marries a 14 year old named ____, who has ___ but no ___, and he later ___ her
Terentia, money, brains, divorces

With Terentia he has 2 kids: daughter ___ who he ____ and an unambitious son who he really doesn’t like
Tullia, loves

financial manager

Public works, games


1 year, 2 people

governor of a province

___ BC elected quaestor and sent by lot to ___
76, Sicily

In Sicily as quaestor, he’s ___ and doesn’t __ ___ of locals
Honest, take advantage

Five years after he’s made quaestor in Sicily, ___ extorts huge sums through ___ and __
Verres, tax, graft

Cicero then successfully prosecuted Verres in absentia for _____

Before the Verres thing, ____ had been the greatest orator.

He was supposed to defend Verres but quit cause he couldn’t beat Cicero. Cicero now greatest orator


Cicero published his orations as ____ ___
Publicity tool

___ BC elected aedile, and he’s the most boring aedile ever because instead of making huge public games he produces plays and huge poetry readings

___ BC elected praetor

as praetor, his first speech in the forum was in defense of the _____
Manilian Bill of Law

the Manilian Bill of Law was proposed by Manlius when ____ was harassing roman colonists in asia minor, killing citizens

the Manilian Bill of Law was made to give ____ dictatorial power and an army to crush _____
Pompey, Mithradates

the romans were anxious about granting ___ power to pompey through this bill but cicero compromises his beliefs and supports it

Pompey ___ Mithradates

___ BC elected consul without ___ anyone
63, bribing

conspiracy of catiline
catiline charged with plotting to murder senators, burn rome and take over

Catiline ____ — he offers ___, ___, and ____ to all discontents, the underclass, and those formerly in power but now not
charismatic, money, power, property

Cicero advocates ___ of conspirators — this is against the ___
death, law

during the conspiracy, j. caesar speaks ___ capital punishment since he wants support of ___’s supporters
against, cat

Cicero eventually driven to exile in ___ due to behavior during conspiracy

in 62 BC Pompey returns from fighting Mithradates. Cicero felt like Pompey ___ him but then pompey gives him the __ ___ and cicero is hurt. because of that offense pompey’s army doesn’t get __ ___.
owed, cold shoulder, land grants

Bona Dea Scandal
ceremony/gathering of women hosted by j. caesar’s wife — man dressed as woman there (clodius) — maybe having an affair with caesar’s wife? — caesar divorces his wife over this

60 BC the first triumvirate was formed, made of __, ___, ___
Pompey, Crassus, Caesar

in 59 BC Caesar is elected ___, and then from 58-51 he’s the ___ in Gaul
consul, proconsul

Cicero won’t support ____

58 BC Claudius introduces law that all who had someone killed illegally should be exiled –> Cicero had Cataline killed –> ____ for seventeen months

Triumvirate _____ when Julia, Caesar’s daughter who was married to Pompey, ___ in childbirth, and Crassus is killed in battle in Asia Minor (Augustus avenges his murder later)
falls, dies

Clodius is killed by Milo –> Cicero ____ him

in 52 BC Pompey becomes a consul. atm Cicero is a magistrate in ____, and he reduces ___ and angers ___
Cilicia, taxes, Brutus

Cicero returns to rome next in ___ BC, and there are angry mobs, pompey is powerless, and caesar crosses the rubicon

Now, civil war time. ___ and ___ go to Cicero for support. _____ is shrewd, and basically says that Cicero doesn’t even have to support him, but just be quiet. So obvs cicero supports ___ and there’s a war for a good few years
Caesar, Pompey, Caesar, Pompey

Pompey flees to ___ after the battle of ___, and prince ____ sends Pompey’s head to Caesar
egypt, pharsalus, ptolemy

now caesar’s in charge, so cicero ___, and he’s ____, so he returns to Rome in ___ BC
apologizes, pardoned, 47

in 46 BC cicero ___ terentia and marries wealthy young ____
divorces, publia

in 45 BC ___ dies and cicero divorces ____ for not grieving enough
Tullia, Publia

44BC plotters against Caesar ask Cicero for ____, and he doesn’t give it, and then Caesar’s ____ and cicero ___ from public life
support, killed, retires

after 13 years of chaos after caesar’s death, ____ the 19 year old grand-nephew of Caesar emerges as heir and ___ ___ is his rival (the guy who gave the eulogy at caesar’s funeral)
octavianus, marc antony

Cicero comes out of retirement to support ____, and writes ______, which were essays against A supporting O
Octavianus, Phillipics

42 BC Octavian and consuls defeat antony at ____

Antony joins with ____ to form the ___ ____
Lepidus, Second Triumvirate

Antony and Lepidus make individual ____ lists — cicero is the first name on antony’s list

Cicero is killed by Antony’s henchmen and his head and hands were nailed on ___, a public speaking place as a warning to everyone else

eventually triumvirs engage in another civil war which ends in 31 BC at Battle of ____

Octavian is made sole ruler, and given the title of ____ and rules 27BC to 14 AD

the introduction and preliminary remarks whose purpose was to win the favor and the interest of the audience

the statement of the facts of the case, as well as the speaker’s views and attitudes toward these facts

a division of the proposition, with a statement (proposition) setting forth the question under discussion

the discussion proper, stating the affirmative arguments (confirmatio) and the rebuttal (refutatio) of the real or supposed arguments of the opposing style

the conclusion, either a summary of the arguments proved, or a resume of the speaker’s purpose, followed by an emotional appeal for the sympathetic understanding of the audience

cicero’s five parts to the structure of an oration
exordium, narratio, partitio, argumentatio, peroratio

later ____ writes an account of catiline’s conspiracy, and he drew on cicero and other accounts as an observer

Catiline was notoriously ___, ___ in Sulla’s proscriptions, and hung out with ___
depraved, active, verres

Catiline was ___, ____, ____ in Africa
quaestor, praetor, governor

in 65 BC Catiline was excluded from running for ___ because of public ___
consul, extortion

62 BC cicero learned Catiline with manilas waiting in faesula would attack on ____
october 27

cicero reveals his plan to the senate on ___
oct 21

oct 22 senate bases senatus consultum ultimum, giving cicero power of ___ ___
martial law

Nov 6 Catiline has secret meeting at house of Laeca, plots to murder cicero — ___, mistress of Catiline, reports plot to cicero

nov 7 cicero ___ himself in his house

___ cicero gives his speech against cataline
nov 8

cicero holds his meeting at the _______ and ___ shows up
Temple of Jupiter Stator, Catiline

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