Marcus Ang Is A Member From The Field Sales Section Essay

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Marcus Ang Is A Member From The Field Sales Section

Marcus Ang is a member from the field sales section. His sales performance in the recent months has been below target in contrast to his outstanding sales in the past years. Marcus blames it on the poor economic situation, however the other sales staff seem to able meet their target. How should Madam May May attribute Marcus’s performance? First of all, Madam May May has to know about what happened to Marcus. What causes him to blame the poor economic situation while the other sales staff still be able to meet their target. As we learn from the organization behavior, we know that employee’s behavior will affect the performance of an organization. According to Fritz Heider and H.H. Kelly, they stated that people’s behavior is affected by internal and external factors. On the other hand, Kelley’s attribution theory refers to three types of factors which are distinctiveness, consensus and consistency.

Distinctiveness is about whether the subordinate’s behavior occur during the performance of this task only? Next, consensus is like whether this behavior unusual for the subordinate’s peers? Then, consistency is about if this behavior unusual for the subordinate in other situations? In this situation, Madam May May should first consider about the factor of consensus. As Marcus cannot be able to hit the target while other are able to reach their target. Next Madam May May should consider about locus of control dimension, which mean whether the primary cause of the behavior is a characteristic of the subordinate, or a characteristic of the situation. Second ,stability dimension whether the subordinate is likely to remain stable or unstable? The crossing of the locus of control and stability dimensions produces four casual factor that a leader can utilize to explain a subordinate’s behavior, ability , task difficulty , luck ,chance, effort.

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