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Marbury v. Madison
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Marbury v. Madison was a very influential Supreme Court case in the history of the United States. Marbury v. Madison was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review. This happened under Article III in the Constitution. The court case helped to make a boundary between the executive and judicial branches of the American form of government. In the final days of his presidency, John Adams appointed a large…...
The Practice Of Tarring And Feathering
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The practice of tarring and feathering dates as far back as 1189, and was commonly used in the 1700s as a punishment for any wrongdoing. If this happened in the present people would regard it as bizarre and very cruel, but back then it was very common to see as a punishment. The colonists were so eager to tar and feather someone because they wanted to make an example of them, and to publically humiliate the wrongdoer. In the 1700s…...
Marbury v. Madison case brief
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Congress enacted the Organic Act which authorized John Adams to appoint forty-two justices of the peace for the District of Colombia. In the confusion of the Adams administration’s last days in office, Marshall (then Secretary of State), failed to deliver some of these commissions. When the new administration came into office, James Madison, the new Secretary of State, acting under orders from Jefferson, refused to deliver at least five of the commissions. William Marbury and three others were denied their…...
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