Manufacturing Information System Essay

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Manufacturing Information System

A manufacturing information system that is targeted for use anywhere production is taking place. Modern manufacturing information systems are generally computerized and are designed to collect and present the data which managers need in order to plan and direct operations within the company.

Capabilities of the System

1. The system is able to determine the cost of purchases related to production. 2. The system can also help in planning and scheduling the production based on the sales forecast. 3. This system can control the quantity of production as well as the monitoring of inventories. 4. This system is able to generate reports which will be sending to different department as their source of information.

Scope and Limitations

The system has limited its coverage on the manufacturing entity only. Its main purpose is to help the entity in planning and scheduling production. The system covered only the production processes and generation of reports wherein other department will get information. It will not be effective on selling and marketing purposes or in other department works.

Significance of the Study

1. The system supports the production or operation function.
2. The system fastens all activities concerned with planning and control of process producing goods and services. 3. The beneficiary of the system is the entity itself.

Sales Department
Accounting Department
Delivering Department

Step by Step Process

1. Collect Data- is the process of gathering data that can be used in planning production. 2. Analysis of Data- is a process of examining, cleaning, transforming, and modelling data into useful information and supporting decision making process. 1. Designing of Product

2. Determining inadequate raw materials
3. Sourcing of Raw Materials- It is the process of purchasing inadequate raw materials which are needed in the production and a prerequisite in scheduling production.
1. Make Order
2. Make Payments

Production- it is the process of converting raw materials into other materials or finished goods that will be sell in the market.

Generates Reports- making of essential reports about production that will be passed to another department for the formulation of financial statement and in order to know what portion of the finished goods are available for sale.

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